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Madness VS Mudslinger

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I’ve been watching Grind Time WESTCOAST for sometime now and one of my favorite battle rappers is Madness from Critical Madness. In this clip Madness is a guest in another league called No Coast Battles. Right now this is just a small random update while I’m finishing up my much bigger post of my road trip from Las Vegas to… Read more »

She’s Married to Roger Rabbit?!

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After playing and beating Fallout: New Vegas, I had the song “Why Don’t You Do Right” stuck in my head. Well, the Roger Rabbit version, not the original.┬áThe teasing is perfect like when Eddie tries to kiss Jessica. There’s even a guy who sounds like he busted a nut at the 2:47 mark. I fucking love Jessica Rabbit.  

Baracka Flacka Flames – Head of The State

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Hilarious and hella NOT safe for work. The original video is Waka Flocka Flame – Hard in the Paint, and it’s sad when the parody is better than the original. Best lines are from 2:08 – 2:14, “Hope you got yo killas with you, hope you got yo niggas with you, hope your goons ridin’ with ya, they gon’ fuckin’… Read more »

You Can Add This To The List…

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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!… Second, I really I don’t have a REAL list but it’s one of the things to do in my life and that’s learn how to dance Lindy-Hop/West Coast Swing… Don’t know what I’m talkin about? The first clip is of a group of people (randomly put together) and improvising all their lindy-hop/west coast swing… Read more »

A Callback…

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Hahaha, I juss checked my messages and guess who left a message wanting me to come in? UPS!. F*ck’em, they had there chance, cause back in the days I was hella throwin myself at them and they didn’t want me, and now I get this phone call out of nowhwere saying now they want me? f*ck’em. The video gets weak… Read more »