On That Juice Part 3

I’m done juicing cause it’s expensive. I get more out of my money when I actually eat the fruits and veggies. I’ve also became a food grazer, picking and eating things throughout the day at random times.

I’m still working out, and I’ve resurrected the HIIT program. I can’t lift heavy anymore because I’m hardly eating so I might as well lift light until muscle failure. It’s a good kind of burn.

Anyways, 30 days ago I started juicing and I came in at 375. Right now I’m 347. It was really fucking hard trying to break into the 340s but I did it, and I might as well keep going.



Out of nowhere I stopped working out and then I got depressed as fuck. I pretty much became the sad looking bubble in that Zoloft commercial. I didn’t want to do anything, and was really in a shitty mood most of the time. I was contemplating bout quitting my job, and other retarded shit.

Anyways I started working out again this week and I’ve been feeling great. This fucking leaves me no option of quitting cause I don’t ever want to be put back in that depression mode, ever. Oh and breaking 2 chairs within 2 weeks kind of helps to put things in perspective on how being obese sucks. Let’s fucking go!

Feelin’ Like A Million Bucks

I love my job.

It’s the same computer things I’ve been doing ever since I was a little kid except now I get PAID!

My job is so damn fun that sometimes I don’t want to clock out and go home, I’d rather just keep working.

Now that I have a job my workout sessions have come to a complete stop. Team HIIT is still up in the air. It kind of reminds of bands with their “together” status.

On Monday I’m going to be continuing HIIT with the Team or not. I’m also modifying the HIIT program with light weights to exhaust the muscles and liver of glycogen, and then take a walk/jog while my body is in a fat burning mode. Ya dig? Also I’m going to be eating a light breakfast, a light lunch, and then a liquid dinner (most likely a slimfast or similar shake).

I got this..

Out Of My System.

I partied way too hard last night and I’m glad I did. I got that party mode out of my system and I’m ready to put in work and get shit done. The comeback is in effect bitches! This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

HIIT Squad

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s NO JOKE!

It’s basically where you exercise in intervals while going all out. It’s generally a 2:1 work/rest ratio. So if you go 30 seconds working out, then you rest 15 seconds, and you do it for a total of 8 times.

Since we’re doing the Tabata Method we’re working for 20 seconds and resting for 10, and still for a total of 8 times.

So in those 20 seconds you give it all you got! Then rest for 10 secs, and repeat 7 more times! Not including warm-ups or cool-downs, it’s a total of 4 minutes in HELL!

While doing HIIT you’ll see large benefits come from sprints. If you cannot sprint then you can alternatively do it with weights or a stationary bike or any other machine just as long as you workout the large muscle groups only. And again, go as hard as you can within the time limit!

Oh and the benefits I’m talking about is Fat Loss. The theory is that you push your muscles so hard during the workout that it’s trying to recover throughout the entire day!  The name of the process that makes this happen is EPOC or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

HIIT should never be done consecutively, only every other day. If you’re not sprinting then use a stationary bike, if you’re lifting weights then workout the major muscle groups only! You should also be combing this exercise with a health nutritional diet. Always consult your doctor if you’re beginning an exercise regiment. And after about 2 months of hard training to make sure you don’t plateau, take about 1 week off, then switch up the HIIT.

Last but not least HIIT Squad consist of me, Bear, and Lanu. Yesterday morning we worked out doing benchpress and will resume monday with legs. I will post a weekly progress report. This was going to be part of the second video project but it’s not due to the camcorder having battery problems. Monday I’ll post starting weight, pictures, and whatever else that seems necessary to log down. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

I’mma Have Money To Blow.

As you can see I’ve been making a lot changes to my website. The search bar at the top is now a customized google search bar, there’s a donate button at the top right, I now have share buttons on pages and posts, there’s a new banner at the top, you now have to log into Samoan-Ninja.com in order for your votes counted and some more hidden code was added to optimize my site.

Everything is coming together but I’m kind of nervous because if I need to update wordpress or the theme, all my settings might erase and if it does I’ll have to reconfigure everything again.

I think the next change I’ll do is have the banner at the top rotate each time the page is refreshed. I’m going to go and take more pictures for the banner, and more than likely each picture will have green in it. You know that’s how I roll.

Aside from the website updates, I pretty much got a new job working at Towbin Dodge. It was a shoo-in because, well you know. I’m thankful for it, and I’ll be working as a Key Tracker. Yup, I track all keys that go in and out of the dealership, I’m part security, so I’ll be wearing a security uniform, yup! Pay isn’t that good but as the titles says “I’mma Have Money To Blow”, so maybe I might get that xbox 360, or a new computer.

So, what has my diet been looking like? Well, I’ve normalized my weight back to 335LBS. I was close to breaking past the 3teens but since I broke my fast, I’ve been eating normal. So what’s going to be my routine? Well, I’m going back to the good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise routine. I’m going on a low-carb diet, and I’ll be doing cardio, and weightlifting. I’ve also got acouple of experimental workout routines in plan too (I’ll fill you in on those later).

Well that’s all I have to share for now. If what I said in some area didn’t make sense, well that’s because i didn’t go back and try to proof it. I just said it as how I typed it, and I know somewhere I messed up, but I’m hella tired. That’s it and that’s all, LAtEZ.

31 Days Project – Day 1

Ugh, I’m now on a abnormal sleeping schedule. I woke up too early, which led me to sleeping too early, and now I’m going to be doing the nocturnal thing again, until I can get my hours straight.

But anyways, as promised, here’s what I did today, even though I managed to sleep through most of it.

First off, I woke up around 3AM and started to watch TV. Then time flew by and I noticed my parents not getting up and ready for work which was about 8AM. As soon as my dad came downstairs I was wondering what was going on and found out that my dad doesn’t have work this week, and that my mom is skipping work for an eye-appointment.

After hearing that I randomly got the idea of going walking. Which I did and got 2 laps in around the block (About 1 mile). Afterwards, I decided to tag along my parents while they ran around town. We hit the eye-appointment, McDonalds, and acouple of other places. When we hit McDonalds, I got pretty sick, and just wanted to go home.

As soon as we got home, I fell asleep. Now it’s barely wednesday, and here I am uploading everything. There’s not a lot of pictures because as soon as I felt sick, I stopped, and just wanted to rest. I feel better now, and yeah it’s only day 1, many many many more pictures are to come.