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About 3 weeks ago at work, me and my co-workers got on the topic of drinking raw cow milk. I don’t know how exactly we got on that discussion but it ended with me being invited to a spot by a co-worker where we could consume some raw milk. A couple of weeks later we were finally able to meet up on… Read more »

Phoenix Trip Explanation

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At almost every job that I’ve had I experienced burnout. You see in my mind being a “good” employee was taking on as much work as possible, while rarely taking any breaks and time off. What usually ends up happening is I’ll start missing out on important life events. I’ll be skipping out on celebrating many things with family and friends,… Read more »

Madness VS Mudslinger

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I’ve been watching Grind Time WESTCOAST for sometime now and one of my favorite battle rappers is Madness from Critical Madness. In this clip Madness is a guest in another league called No Coast Battles. Right now this is just a small random update while I’m finishing up my much bigger post of my road trip from Las Vegas to… Read more »

Lights, Camera, Oh Wait.

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My 360 gold account expired, and the rental games had to be returned :(. Eminem said it best (although he meant something completely different) “The clock’s run out, time’s up over, blaow. Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity”. I’m hoping the next time I play on an Xbox 360 it’ll be my own :). You know ’cause I’ll… Read more »