R.I.P. Vanna

Yesterday we had to put Vanna down. The decision was made because just her functioning as a normal dog seemed too painful for her. She was blind, she could barely stand up, and she started using the bathroom all over the place. It sucked.

I want to say more but it’s kind of hard searching for the words to say. I’m just going to leave it short and sweet, and say I miss my dog, and that we’ll meetup again someday.

Remember remember, the sixteenth of December.

Target The Red Dot.

Yesterday I was letting Vanna into the garage when I noticed this black ugly fucking spider next to the door. I then realized it was a black widow by the hourglass patterns on it’s body. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed the Raid from the cabinet underneath the sink, and started to hose the bitch (not Vanna) down like how the Ghostbusters did Vigo… After the mini spider battle, I blocked off the contaminated area and let it dry, opened up the garage a little bit to let air circulate, and then let Vanna back in the garage to sleep. Nice story, no pictures/videos, oh well.

The area where I sprayed and watched the spider crawl up and die. The spider’s body went missing this morning. Now, I can’t but help but feel imaginary spiders crawling around me.. Damnit.