Back On My Bullshit

Close to two weeks ago I took a trip to the Bay Area to see my cousin’s football game. Trips to San Francisco always end up being nice. I got to kick it with family, see the New Bay Bridge, and on the way back to Vegas we stopped at a farm and bought some delicious fruits and habanero pistachio nuts.

In about 20 days or so I’m going to be taking another trip and this time it’ll be to Texas. I’ll be trying my hand at farming on my Uncle’s ranch. I hear there’s going to be a lot of horse riding, and building/breaking down of fences. Real tough ranch hand work, and since my Uncle was in the Marines I know he’s NOT going to go easy on me.

Oh and before I can ride any of the horses I have to be under 300 pounds, and I’m currently clocking in at 357. I figured I have to lose about 3 pounds per day till I leave to barely qualify. So what’s the quickest way to lose weight in a very short amount of time? Fasting.

I’ll keep you guys updated as much as possible before I head out.

Cliff Who? Josh Who?

As soon as The Rangers put up two runs, I was like great another Giants torture game but that’s not what happened. We just kept hitting the ball over and over and over! It was awesome. The hype around Lee, Hamilton, and Vladdy was just that, all hype. Although the most hype was surrounding the pitching showdown it was nowhere to be found BUT overall Lincecum came out on top and Lee ended up with his first post-season defeat.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that the Rangers weren’t on top of their game because they took a “long” rest. Whatever.

Well here is what the ESPN people have to say after Game 1:

New prediction. I’m still feeling that The Rangers are still shook up. ┬áSo, it will affect this game (game 2), and if we win this game BIG it will shatter their hope and foundation, then after that expect Giants to sweep.


Here is what the ESPN experts have to say about the World Series. I already knew we were going to be the underdogs BUT I’m surprised to see the picks choosing Texas in 6 or 7. I thought I was going to see outrageous predictions of Texas sweeping us, or Texas in 5. I guess ESPN sees some fight in the Giants but just not enough to come out with the big win.

ESPN Expert Predictions

I think we’ve made a believer out of Jim Caple because this is what he chose earlier:

Alright so we saw what the ESPN experts had to say now here is what the ESPN users are saying:

As of 10/26/2010, New York still hella mad at Texas? It seems so. If we win this maybe I’ll show NY some luv back by taking a vacation over there, haha.

My prediction (in case you missed it in my last post) it’s going to be Giants in 6. Let’s go Giants! Let’s go! *CLAP! *CLAP!