I’m currently reorganizing a lot of things in my life right now. No, I’m not taking a break from anything but just letting you know what I’m up to.

I’m also trying to repair my truck, upgrade my PC, and purchase another lens for my Canon Rebel. I think I’ll knock out the upgrade and get my new lens by next weekend.

Oh and the odds changed to 7-1 from 11-1 for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. I put down $100, so I should expect $700 in my pocket right after my birthday ;).

Last but not least I’ll be working the next two weeks at night. I’m a night owl anyways so this shouldn’t bother me. I start at 8PM and get out whenever the computers are all hooked up. Awesome.

Can You Say Winner?!

Bingo winner of $250… (Before Neighbors)
$100… (After neighbors)
$50… (At the end of the niight)

I’m so damn lucky! I’m going to save for the thursday and friday niight bingo!!! Also, when playing bingo and the number 40 is called you either say, and or semi-yell the number 40… It’s a thing some group brought and now it’s stuck.

Team BiNGO is probably going to save up for the $20,000, 40 game bingo at Boulder Station… Yup! I guess you can say I broke up the bad luck streak because ever since I started playing, everyone who went to bingo in the group, has bingo’d… I also have a lucky green marker, the end… This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

Birthday Bingo…

This is just a small update from when I went to bingo but not the actual big update from my birthday outing…


The next update should be all the photos from my digital camera… I’m also going to try harder to make more updates.. I promise.. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.