Health Care Passed.

In 2006 when Bush was in office and nobody gave a rats ass about health care I had a job being a mechanic for Sears Automotive. My work status was considered part-time (although I had full-time hours) and because of that I didn’t qualify with the company to get any health benefits. It didn’t bother me that much but I wanted to be safe (particularly because of my job duties) so I got individual health insurance through I started off with the coverage costing me $70 per month and I remember the deductible, and coinsurance being decent and the each doctors visit was $15.

Since buying my health insurance in 2006 my premiums shot up every year which didn’t make sense because the only time I went to go see my doctor was in 2009. I had sharp ankle pains and it was discovered I had gout. My health insurance and the fee to visit the doc got too expensive and the cost was bound to go up again so after I got my pills to relieve my gout I dropped my coverage.

I’ve had no health insurance since mid/late 2009. In the end right before I canceled my health plan I was paying $160 per month with a fee of $40 per visit to the doc. I’m glad this health reform bill passed and for now I’ll buy into my company’s health insurance for $70 (lol). When 2014 comes around hopefully my premiums have lowered and if they have I’ll be sticking with my current plan but if they haven’t lowered to the amount I would like you can bet I’ll be buy from the public option.

I was affected by the health care situation. It may not have been extreme as some cases where actual lives were depended on getting coverage but still I was affected. I bet you if I stuck with the plan I would’ve been paying $200 per month with a $50+ fee to visit the doc. I also think that if the reform didn’t happen I probably would’ve been disqualified from receiving coverage because of a pre-existing condition (my gout). Can you tell me why my premiums kept shooting up each year and I only showed my face once?!

Health care reform passed.



Don’t try and short change Obama. People said the economy was going to fail hard but it actually grew. People also said that the health reform bill was dead but it passed. The president is on a hot streak and I think whatever is next on his agenda will pass too! That’s my bet.

Sudden Pain..

Yesterday morning after I wrote my post I went to get ready for work and I couldn’t lift my damn right leg. There was a sharp ass pain along the right backside of my hip.. I know I went to the gym and worked out but it didn’t feel like any kind of muscle pain or anything like that. It felt like a nerve or something…

So after that I called off work.. I fell asleep, and now I’m feeling a little bit better.. Still hurts to actually raise my damn leg but its just pain I’m going to have to take.

As the words of my uncle.. “Rub some dirt on it, and get back in there!”.. Hahaha..

R.I.P. John Wharton…

As I heard yesterday around noon my manager died from some kind of aneurysm…
He was hospitalized this past thursday and yesterday passed away…

RIP John Wharton…

I also have some picture updates too but I’ll be updating all those tomorrow niight… This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.


A cluster of cars with oil changes came in… Why? Well around August when I joined Sears, for the longest time I didn’t know how long until the next oil change so for awhile I was putting the next oil change was due in Janruary.. So for the last couple of days we’ve been hit hard with oil changes about 30+, LOL!!!

What A Crazy New Years Party…

It was freakin CRAZY… It’s been awhlie since I’ve attended a good party, last party that had this great status was probably my 20th birthday party that Desire and Sandra hosted… I only wish I had my camera available, damnit!

Well, I’ve been thinking of getting another job… UPS (in the morning) and Sears (in the evening). The only thing that bothers me about this idea is sleep. I figure:

2am (wake up)
3am – 8am (work, UPS)
9am – 11am (rest)
12pm – 8pm (work, Sears)
8pm – 2am (sleep)

It’s a rough draft… Still in it’s planning stages… Hmm, any input? This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

My Right Hand Man…

If you didn’t know I now own a laptop. I got it from my dad’s work because they were giving out laptops that were out-of-warranty. It’s not bad, I’ve been using it a lot lately and the only problem I’ve come across (not really) is that I can’t play my games like half-life and other 3d card required games. I’m working on a way to make that happen because I use my laptop to play songs/movies from my desktop computer, why not games, right?

My work is scaring me. I don’t know if I’ll have this job any longer, if I don’t then I’ll be pushing boxes at UPS (hopefully). The fact of the matter is that Sears is hiring more people, and it’s coming up on winter time (the time where it’s the slowest). So I don’t know, I’m kind of worried but not really. We’ll see.

I still don’t know what i am going to be for Halloween. Hmmm, any ideas guys? Also if you look around you can see I’m working on my website… I haven’t really added anything but just placeholders, hopefully I’ll get around to them quick before another some odd months pass by and the links are still blank, hahaha.

This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.