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Health Care Passed.

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In 2006 when Bush was in office and nobody gave a rats ass about health care I had a job being a mechanic for Sears Automotive. My work status was considered part-time (although I had full-time hours) and because of that I didn’t qualify with the company to get any health benefits. It didn’t bother me that much but I… Read more »


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A cluster of cars with oil changes came in… Why? Well around August when I joined Sears, for the longest time I didn’t know how long until the next oil change so for awhile I was putting the next oil change was due in Janruary.. So for the last couple of days we’ve been hit hard with oil changes about… Read more »

What A Crazy New Years Party…

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It was freakin CRAZY… It’s been awhlie since I’ve attended a good party, last party that had this great status was probably my 20th birthday party that Desire and Sandra hosted… I only wish I had my camera available, damnit! Well, I’ve been thinking of getting another job… UPS (in the morning) and Sears (in the evening). The only thing… Read more »