Sitting Back.

It’s what I felt like saying after the 49ers game at the bar. Oh well, now I’m just waiting on baseball season.

I’m also planning on traveling more. Since I’m out of debt, I’ve been stacking paper. I was thinking of catching some Giant’s games this year. Home or away it doesn’t matter.

The 49ers VS The Saints


This weekend I had my sights on going to a 49er bar but that plan got changed, and now I’ll be at home watching the game while BBQ’in some ribs! Hell yeah.

I also made a decision that I’m all in for the 49ers to take it THIS year. I was a bit skeptical (mainly because of you know who), but after thinking about our freakin’ sick-nasty defense and Harbaugh with his creative plays, we’re all good. When we beat the Saints this weekend then ESPN and all the other sports news outlets will have no choice to but talk about us.

Why Did We Lose?

Jonathan Sanchez


Pat Burrell

Jonathan Sanchez is a hit or miss and tonight was a miss. Sanchez gave Texas a homerun with 2 on base, and a solo homerun. Pat Burrell is supposed to be a power hitter but hasn’t showed it at all in the post-season, actually he’s been striking out, a lot! I think he could’ve been a key player in getting us tied in the game, how? He at least could’ve gotten a base hit and then Cody to hit the homerun, and then when starting the 9th being the power hitter he supposedly is HIT A HOMERUN!.. Too much to ask? Probably but Burrell needs a rest, and if it does come down to game 7 we need to find someone else other than Jonathan Sanchez.

I think there will be 2 1/2 likely scenarios to play out:

*Pat Burrell is out, and Aaron Rowand is in (all scenarios)

1. Bumgarner is better than Sanchez. So I think Bumgarner will win and game 5 the pitching rotation resets so Lincecum plays and win. Giants win the World Series in 5.

2. Bumgarner is young, and will cost us. Lincecum will win, the game goes back to San Francisco and Cain will end it. The Giants win the World Series in 6.

3. Bumgarner loses, Lincecum loses, Cain will win, and we’ll see how the Giants will torture us in Game 7. I don’t know if we’ll win or lose.

Cliff Who? Josh Who?

As soon as The Rangers put up two runs, I was like great another Giants torture game but that’s not what happened. We just kept hitting the ball over and over and over! It was awesome. The hype around Lee, Hamilton, and Vladdy was just that, all hype. Although the most hype was surrounding the pitching showdown it was nowhere to be found BUT overall Lincecum came out on top and Lee ended up with his first post-season defeat.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that the Rangers weren’t on top of their game because they took a “long” rest. Whatever.

Well here is what the ESPN people have to say after Game 1:

New prediction. I’m still feeling that The Rangers are still shook up.  So, it will affect this game (game 2), and if we win this game BIG it will shatter their hope and foundation, then after that expect Giants to sweep.


Whomp, Whomp, Whomp.

I know I’m kinda late BUT congratulations to the San Francisco Giants in winning the pennant. Torture has never felt so good! Hahaha… Anyways my prediction is Giants in 6, and as always we’re going in as the underdogs in this one. I don’t know why it’s hard for people to believe 😉

I was watching the MLB Network and Harold Reynolds says that this is going to be remembered as one of the biggest upsets in the MLB. I don’t believe in that all at because in my eyes the Giants was already the better team and the Phillies were the underdogs ;).. Okay, honestly I didn’t think it was that BAD, but after seeing how all of the media was rooting for the Phillies, maybe it was? Okay I got a new prediction, this loss will haunt the Phillies so bad that it’s going to put them in a slump for the next 2+ years, and then somebody else is going to point this out, call it a curse, and originate it back to when they lost to the Giants. Feel me?

Last thing, after the Giants had won I visited different news websites to read what they had to say about the game and eventually came across and saw a bunch of Giants fans trolling the comments, it was hilarious.


ESPN Giants VS Phillies Prediction.

RIP Grampa Falo (1923-2008)

I uploaded pictures of Reverend Faigata Falo Tiumalu’s Funeral last night into my gallery. I miight upload the videos I recorded onto YouTube but I don’t know if it’s against the rules to post funerals and or show deceased bodies. Anyways, if you want to add pictures to my gallery, just go ahead and send them to my email

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle Obituary/SFGATE:
Reverend Faigata Falo Tiumalu
Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rev. Elder Faigata Falo Tiumalu Entered into rest on February 22, 2008 surrounded by his family.

Born in Fagatogo, American Samoa, the oldest of eight siblings.

He is survived by his spouse Latafale; his sons, Puni, Tauoa and Faigata (Orcutt); his daughters Violeta (Vaililo), Siva, Lelia and Leutu; his brothers, Fuata, I’amafana and Fuauli;.

Also survived by 35 loving grandchildren/great-grand-childen, and many step-children and step-grandchildren/great-grandchildren.

An innovator and pioneer of the Samoan Community.

His lifetime achievements will be presented during services held at the Samoan Congregational Church of Jesus, 606 Schwerin Street in Daly City, Saturday, March 8, Service, 4pm. Sunday, March 9 Service, 4pm, and Monday, March 10 service 11am.

Committal at Olivet Cemetery in Colma.

Bay And Back

Short trip to the Bay, and now I’m home.
I’ll post pictures as soon as internet is stable.
Starting to recycle for cash.
Going to explore more thrift stores.
Exploring community colleges.
Job hunting (starts after new years).
On a mission.