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On That Juice Part 2

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Today I’m 353. I’ve decided to “cheat” either Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday I ate at Sweet Tomatoes, it’s a soup and salad buffet. I’m getting better at watching what I’m eating, and haven’t “blacked” out on making decisions. What I’ve been doing is juicing twice a day, morning and night, and in between I’ll usually have a fruit or… Read more »

On That Juice Part 1

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On Monday (July 30th) I began working out and an all out juice fast. I came in 375 and today I’m 360. Do I feel lighter? Not really. Better? Yeah, my energy has improved a little. Today I decided to see how I would react to eating again and it went pretty bad. We went to a Filipino store to… Read more »


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Out of nowhere I stopped working out and then I got depressed as fuck. I pretty much became the sad looking bubble in that Zoloft commercial. I didn’t want to do anything, and was really in a shitty mood most of the time. I was contemplating bout quitting my job, and other retarded shit. Anyways I started working out again… Read more »

Quarter Life Crisis

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(excerpt from urbandictionary.com) Quarter Life Crisis – Usually occurs sometime in your twenties, a few years out of school and still feel as though you’re waiting for you’re life to begin. For most people it will be arround twenty five years of age (give or take a year or two) as this tends to be when you’re way of thinking… Read more »

Reach For The Sky!

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I’m not afraid of heights but sometimes it can get me a little nervous, especially climbing up and down a ladder in a place I’ve never been before. Going up is easy but going down is where I start to take things hella slow. Why? Well first you have to look down to see where the ladder steps are placed,… Read more »

Almost Free.

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So I finally talked to my last debt collector and we settled on paying $1800 from the original debt of $4300. I know damn well I didn’t spend anywhere near the original amount, and that it’s all fees and shit added up over time which was basically pure profit for Citigroup. Anyways, in January all debts will be over with… Read more »