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Out of nowhere I stopped working out and then I got depressed as fuck. I pretty much became the sad looking bubble in that Zoloft commercial. I didn’t want to do anything, and was really in a shitty mood most of the time. I was contemplating bout quitting my job, and other retarded shit. Anyways I started working out again… Read more »

A Smooth Operator, Operating Correctly.

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Quick News. Filming of both video projects start tomorrow when I wake up Got motivated to start working out (again) Articles are coming. I saw that A-Team movie trailer. It looks like it’s gonna suck pretty hard. The movie Daybreakers is hella gory. The ending to Daybreakers didn’t make any sense. I beat Fallout 3 and was disappointed when I… Read more »

I’mma Have Money To Blow.

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As you can see I’ve been making a lot changes to my website. The search bar at the top is now a customized google search bar, there’s a donate button at the top right, I now have share buttons on pages and posts, there’s a new banner at the top, you now have to log into Samoan-Ninja.com in order for… Read more »

31 Days Project – Cancelled.

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I canceled the 31 days project. Who knew it would be difficult to update for 31 days straight. It turned out to be one of those easier said than done type deals, and in the end I was a little disappointed in myself. I know now to keep things short and simple, it also didn’t help that I was fasting…. Read more »

Random, Right?

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I wrote a very short article and was debating if I should post it here or make it its own page. After thinking too hard on something very simple I just made it its own page in the MY TWO CENTS section, titled “You Remind Me Of A…”. Find the link up top under ARTICLES or click here to read… Read more »

Audio Found.

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A quick rundown of what’s going on at Samoan-Ninja.com… The gallery is up and all the pictures have been uploaded. About Me has some new pictures (randomized) Pages and posts have been updated Old posts and pages can be rated, up to 5 stars Comments can be thumbed up or down A new (interactive) rating system for reviews … I… Read more »

About 80%

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Samoan-Ninja.com is now being hosted by fatcow.com. Reloading everything has been smooth and the future with this web host looks good. I was finally able to restore a backup of my posts but it’s an old backup. So, late 2008 to mid 2009 content are forever missing. Videos, pictures, and links are somewhat broken. I’ll try and do my best… Read more »