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Phoenix Trip Explanation

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At almost every job that I’ve had I experienced burnout. You see in my mind being a “good” employee was taking on as much work as possible, while rarely taking any breaks and time off. What usually ends up happening is I’ll start missing out on important life events.¬†I’ll be skipping out on celebrating many things with family and friends,… Read more »

Back Again, From San Diego.

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I came back from San Diego with my Dad last Tuesday, and headed back on Friday, then came home with everyone (except auntie Jessie) on Sunday. It seems the quick trip back home was to pay some bills, water the plants, and so my Dad can join in live for his fantasy football draft with his co-workers. I’m tired of… Read more »

San Diego Bound.

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In about 2 hours I’m bout to head out to San Diego with the family for a week. One of my Mom’s sisters has¬†Alzheimer’s disease. She’s been in San Diego for about a month or so, and before that she was in Samoa. So while she’s in the states I’m pretty sure all the brothers and sisters are going to… Read more »

I'm In The Bay Area!!!

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My bad for all yall calling… I couldn’t afford to pickup my phone while driving cause through mountains and fog and all that, I didn’t want to risk anything… So yeah I’m in the Bay Area and I’ll be back in Las Vegas around Monday night-ish… The computer I’m on is my cousin’s. I’m on a 56k and for some… Read more »

I Got The "D", Double "O", "D", Double "O", Style…

I’m sick… But yeah friday was an awesome day/night… I wish I had my camera because we (Me, Colette And Nancy) went down to some Jewish store. Where I bought a chuck-e-cheese cheese fries potato chips and a drink, had some of their chocolate candy bars that Colette bought. After that headed to a music store and was surprised to… Read more »