HIIT Week 6 Wrap Up

Monday – Rest
Wednesday – Shoulders
Friday – Cardio (Punching Bag)

I need to step up my fucking game Monday with watching what I eat and doing extra exercises on non-hiit days.

Sorry, no pictures.

HIIT Week 5 Wrap Up

Monday – Rest
Wednesday – Biceps & Back
Friday – Cardio (Punching Bag!)

I’m hearing that Josh made a bet with Reno saying that Team HIIT can automatically win if the Samoan-Ninja returns to his high school weight before the reunion. I’m assuming Josh meant the lightest weight I was in high school, and that was 260 pounds.

Well let’s do some calculations…

I currently weigh 352.
260 is the goal to hit.
That’s 92 pounds to lose.
There’s 4 months left till July.
Breaking it down even further that’s 16 weeks left.
I’ll have to lose 6 pounds (rounded up) every week till the reunion.
I’ll do it.


Today went to the movies with Reno, Dawn, and their family (excluding Chelsea, she was working, loser), Ricky, his son, and some kid Brandon. Anyways, if you want to see a straight violent action movie, Rambo is your movie. When you go to the movies, please, leave your fucking kids at home, thank you.

So you’re probably wondering how violent is it? Well, take all the blood, guts, gore, and explosions from the beach landing in Saving Private Ryan (Here’s a memory refresher):


And times it by ten, and you have Rambo


Take the blood, guts, and gore from The Story Of Riki, and times it by 2, lol:


Most of you reading this is probably wondering, what the hell is The Story Of Riki. This isn’t your average kung-fu flick and it’s so bad that it reeks of awesomeness. Listen, if you want to watch this movie, watch it when you have time to kill, so that in the end if you didn’t like it, you really couldn’t complain because there wasn’t anything better to do. Then rewind the movie back to the fight scenes, and then most importantly skip over to the scene where he teaches that one kid to play an instrument (which somewhat doesn’t make sense, because you hear him play the instrument like a newbie, and then he starts jamming out like a pro, and then he stops playing to wave back at Riki, and the music is whistling music is still playing, like it became the background music, lol.. See the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!).

Actually somebody should make a drinking game out of the movie, like for everytime you see blood, or somebody dies, you have to take a shot, lol.

Hmm, I think this post switched from Rambo to Riki, haha… Anyways, that was my adventure for today, next up, CLOVERFIELD!!!! YAY!