Street Sweeper Social Club

After random link clicking through Wikipedia I came across the band Street Sweeper Social Club. I’ve heard of both artists already with Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine and Boots Riley from The Coup but I never knew they had joined forces.

After reading about them in Wikipedia, I looked them up on Youtube and was impressed with most of their songs. Tom Morello comes with the greatness as usual, but with some tracks it seems Boots is trying to find his “voice”. When it works, it works awesomely but when it doesn’t, it’s awkward and sometimes makes the song feel like a early 90’s rap/rock piece.

Some people have a hard time accepting Riley’s voice saying the songs aren’t as effective (mood/message delivery) as how Zack used to make them. Honestly Riley holds it down with his style, and if it were to be Zack on the track then it would be a RATM song and that’s where the difference lies. You see this is NOT Rage Against The Machine, it’s Street Sweeper Social Club.

Last but not least about the album is that some songs seemed okay but when performed live it sounded waay better like they were  intentionally written to get the crowd pumped. My final thoughts is this band has a lot of potential. The talent is here BUT the chemistry is still being perfected. I hope to hear more stuff from them in the future.

Here are some songs by The Coup (Boots Riley):
Fat Cats And Bigga Fish – A great song with a good story twist.
My Favorite Mutiny – Nice beat, I hear it was featured in NBA LIVE 07

Street Sweeper Social Club song links:
100 Little Curses – First single released, niice song.
Promenade – Square dance rap w/ a siick solo. Do you hear Bloodhound Gang – MOPE?
The Oath – Album version sounds 90’s BUT when performed LIVE it works
Shock You Again
– He’s finding his “voice”. Hella 90’s again. Reminds me of this.
Clap For The Killers – Siick song.

Reppin' The Bay?!

You can now add Nelly to the list of rappers from other areas reppin’ The Bay Area.

Here are the links:

Not only did I NOT see this coming but he also mimics 3 different rappers style:
1st verse – Spice 1
2nd verse – Too $hort
3rd verse – E40

And I Thought…

Ha, remember when Lil’ Jon messed up a good song (Lovers And Friends… The radio stations over here skipped his part and turned the song into 2 minutes or so, super short.)..

Well I just found out that the song [The Dream – Shawty Is A Ten]? Its “Real” version is called Shawty Is The Shit, hahaha.. And when they keep saying Shawty Is The Shit for the chorus, it sounds horrible and they make the word shit sound awkward, lol..

It’s as bad as when I heard the real version to [Jay-Z feat. Amil, Ja-Rule – Can I Get A What What], which the “Real” version turned out to be Can I Get A Fuck You. That was some hardcore shit to me, haha I was in the 7th grade, mind you.

Final word.
Sometimes the real shit, ain’t shit.
Thank you.