Phoenix Trip Explanation

At almost every job that I’ve had I experienced burnout. You see in my mind being a “good” employee was taking on as much work as possible, while rarely taking any breaks and time off. What usually ends up happening is I’ll start missing out on important life events. I’ll be skipping out on celebrating many things with family and friends, while also never getting to say my goodbyes at funerals. Eventually, it’ll hit me hard that I’m being overwhelmed, and sooner or later my anxiety/depression kicks in, and now it takes an enormous amount of energy just to get out of bed.

So lately I decided to change some of my ways. The new me was going to take breaks and time off away from work as much as possible. I now don’t care how much of a “lazy” employee it makes me look like, my health and well-being is more important than anything. So with all that being said about 3 months ago I randomly started planning on a trip. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and just so happened to look up SF Giants games. At first I wanted to see if I could catch a game with them playing against the LA Dodgers or the SD Padres but those were all mid-week games. Then I found out on the weekend of July 17th-19th they would play against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I planned out my trip as leaving early morning, arrive at Phoenix around Noon-ish, go exploring around the city, go check into the hotel, and be at the ballpark probably an hour before the game starts at 5:10pm.

Everything about the plan was pretty solid, and the only thing left for me to do was follow through with it. On the night before the trip I decided to go to bed early and get some extra sleep. What really ended up happening was I was more excited about the trip, and couldn’t sleep. I forgot what time I slept, but when I woke up, it was past 11am, and by the time I got ready and was out the door it was already Noon.

So after the late start, I was finally on the road. The drive there wasn’t too bad, and the only other delay I had was about an hour outside of Phoenix. It was about a 6 car accident caused by extremely bad weather (the accidents was so bad that they had a chopper land on the highway) . The detour probably tacked on about 45 minutes to my trip.

When I finally got to my hotel and was checked in, it was 4:45pm. I just quickly dropped everything off in my room, and left for Chase Field. I didn’t know where there stadium was exactly at, and when I saw it was located Downtown Phoenix, my mood went from “I’ll be a little late” to “I’m going to be hella late”.

Since it was Downtown, I couldn’t find any free parking at all. The only lots available to park costs $20, I didn’t have any cash on hand, and there was no convenience store around. I had to drive like 5 miles outside of town, finally came across an ATM at a 7-11, and drove all the way back to spend $20 bucks just to park, not even having made my way into the stadium yet.

I parked, and walked. It wasn’t too far, but the humidity was high. Making my way up to the stadium I kind of got nervous pulling out my ticket cause it was printed on paper instead of an actual ticket stub. I got in line, the lady scanned it, and I successfully got in.

The time was now around to 6pm. Running late, I didn’t have any time to walk around Chase Field, I immediately tried to find my seat. While I was on my way towards my section, it was a Star Wars night and I kept bumping into a bunch of Stormtroopers, Darth Vaders, and other various characters. I found it hella funny that I saw an advertisement for that themed night on one of the TVs I was passing by and the SF Giants were pictured as the Dark Side.

It was in the 4th inning when I finally reached my seat (between 1st base & away team bullpen) and there was a lady sitting in it. She was with her family, and when I asked her to please move, I saw she was kind of disappointed that I showed up because she now had to “squeeze” in with me. It was all fine because when she moved over, and I sat down, there was still plenty of space between us. I eventually started up small talk with them and found out they live in Arizona but are from Daly City, and Sacramento. We started talking more about the SF Giants seasons, and The Bay Area. Overall they’re pretty cool people.

While I was sitting and watching the game. Looking around I noticed Chase Field is kind of amazing. Really more of the retractable roof it has and how the A/C can blast pretty high and instantly get rid of the humidity. The SF Giants dominated that game, and by the 7th Inning Stretch, I decided to get up and do a small walk around. I went to the snack bar, ordered a small $1.50 hotdog (really worth it), and the $6.50 hotdog (hella NOT worth it) with a small soda on the side. I stood off in an area on the side and was just people/Star Wars character watching, it was nice.

After the game, I went back to the hotel. I was HELLA tired from driving, and being at the ballgame. I fell right asleep, but in the middle of the night I woke up with my ride side hurting pretty bad, it was to the point of where it was causing me to have a shortness of breath. I eventually fell back asleep but still woke up with the same problem. I didn’t have medical insurance at the time so I toughed it out, ate breakfast at some hole-in-the-wall diner, and drove home.

I found out it was a pinched nerve causing that problem. You know how I know? I woke up Monday morning, had a good sneeze (which I thought was going to be painful), but felt the nerve shift into where it was supposed to be and I could all of sudden breathe with no problems. It was disgustingly satisfying.

After that Phoenix trip, I felt like I needed to do more things. So, I’m going to start doing more random adventures. If it seems fun, and is a unique experience, I’ll probably do it.

White Elephant?

When it comes to Christmas I really don’t like gift exchange games like Secret Santa. You pick someones name and then you give that person a gift you think they’ll like. I’m always in a continuous argument with myself of “Will that person like my gift?”, “If I give this gift, does it imply that I’m cheap?”, “Does this gift even matches the person I’m giving it to?”, “Is this gift even useful?”, etc.. In birthdays if you gave a gift and thought it didn’t hold up, it didn’t matter cause that person is still getting showered with other gifts. However in this gift giving, you only get one shot to “please”.

This year a new game was played called White Elephant, and I completely approve. There’s no stress in it because the present you give goes under the tree for anybody to choose or “steal”.

Here’s how the game works, everyone buys a gift (usually inexpensive) and it goes under the tree. Then you draw a number (usually from a hat), and the number decides the order that you go in.

The person who is first will select a gift to open and then show it off to everyone. Then the second person (and everyone after) can pick a new gift or they can “steal” a gift that somebody has opened. The person who has had their gift “stolen” gets another turn of opening a new gift or “stealing” someone else’s.

There is no “steal-backs” and an item can only be stolen up to 3 times then it’s determined “safe”. The game is over when everyone has a gift.

When it was my turn I was about to “steal” a chocolate fondue fountain, but I went with getting a gift from the tree. I ended up with house shoes, my mom got a foreman grill, and my dad got hella socks plus other items.

Overall it’s fun, anonymous, and random.

Well, I hope you had an awesome Christmas, cause I did!

Halloween Is Here.

So tomorrow is Halloween, I think I’m going to go out in my Sears uniform.. How awesomely lame is that?! I know.. Also, this friday I’ll be in the Bay Area. How badd ass is that? Can’t wait, to be there, and get my hands on some Nations..

So, I’ll leave you with some badd ass links to kill time because the next update is when I get back. Enjoy!!! – Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a bunch of Superman comic book cover/pages, that portray Superman as being a dick (being an asshole). It’s one of those things where you’re not seeing the “whole picture” but nonetheless it’s still funny. – Bunch of right handed people drawing lefthanded, this link will take you to a certain drawing on the site which I found to be badd ass but feel free to look around!!! – A site where people can craft different stuff, pretty much a DIY site, but this guy was creative by making a Zombie Survival Kit.

Random Post – A funny post about a girl looking for a sugar daddy and a clever resposnse, true? Who knows…

Another Random Post
– Somebody trying to get rid of this beautiful car, and look at the mileages!

How To Make Pancakes Like A Crackhead – A funny and detailed site on how to make Pan CRACKS!!! I’ll try it out too..

Look-A-Likes – A article of people who look like video game characters, some characters I don’t know who they are talking about but the look-a-like is about the same.

There are more, but these are I feel that are worthy to post. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off.. LAtEZ.