Shit Wasn’t That Real

We received a letter from our ISP and a company representing the movie industry stating that someone had downloaded the movie Megamind. So after getting the letter it took me 2 days to find out who did it. I reported my findings to the “higher-ups” and they said they’ll deal with it.

During the investigation when I found the suspected laptop I needed to see if the machine name, IP address, and MAC address matched to seal the deal. The laptop was just sitting alone in a cubicle so I tried to stealth mission it. ¬†At first everything went fine, the name matched, the IP address matched, and while finding the MAC address that’s when things took a turn. I don’t really know how to maneuver around Windows 7 and found myself opening a lot of windows that led me to nowhere. When I was finally found the MAC address I heard a voice behind me say “Can I help you?”.

I answered back “If these numbers and letters match then I have some bad news”. They did and I let him know what I was doing. He was shaken up a bit (In my mind I was thinking how are you going to get fired over Megamind?! At least get fired cause you were looking at porn!). I left the room and informed my boss the identity of the illegal downloader.

The guy received a warning and I told him he’s not allowed to bring in a laptop and that nobody else can either from now on.