Mid December


Bored as fuck and came across these. Funny as shit. Anyways, I haven’t posted in awhile and acouple of posts before I said I was looking for a job, and I did get one. It’s technically in retail, and it’s only temporary. My main job is still being a contractor. I don’t know what I’m doing for Christmas and or the New Year… Still planning things out. Later.


I’m currently reorganizing a lot of things in my life right now. No, I’m not taking a break from anything but just letting you know what I’m up to.

I’m also trying to repair my truck, upgrade my PC, and purchase another lens for my Canon Rebel. I think I’ll knock out the upgrade and get my new lens by next weekend.

Oh and the odds changed to 7-1 from 11-1 for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. I put down $100, so I should expect $700 in my pocket right after my birthday ;).

Last but not least I’ll be working the next two weeks at night. I’m a night owl anyways so this shouldn’t bother me. I start at 8PM and get out whenever the computers are all hooked up. Awesome.

Out Of My System.

I partied way too hard last night and I’m glad I did. I got that party mode out of my system and I’m ready to put in work and get shit done. The comeback is in effect bitches! This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

Chapter: School-Less, But Not Hopeless.

If you imagine life as stepping stones, are you where you’re supposed to be at right now? This is the question I was asked last week by a complete stranger. He had a talent for reading people and when it came to me, he was on point. I won’t tell you exactly what he said but he told me everything I needed to hear (I sound like Morpheus telling Neo about the Oracle, lol.) Anyways, I then decided to have a look for myself of where I stand in life and where I’m going..

I’m actually content about the situation I’m in. The current job isn’t life demanding so even after work I’m still able to do somethings. I’ve started paying off some debt/bills, and when I’m debt-free, I’ll start saving money for school. Continuing school will be another chapter in my life so I’m not going to go into details about it. I know I’m not where I’m supposed to be in life, going back to the stepping stones, I’m about 4 steps back of where I’m supposed to be. When I’ve saved up enough money and I’m ready to go back to school, I feel as if that’ll be 2 steps I’ll be taking, and if I complete another goal I had in mind, that’s be another 2 steps ahead. Hopefully putting me of where I’m supposed to be. Until then, the only thing I’ll be doing is staying the course.