Reunion Trails Park Lens Test

On Tuesday I met up with Moli. She takes a photography class and she was given a list of assignments to do for the week. So I tagged alongside her and went to the Reunion Trails Park. She went to complete her photo assignments, I continued testing out my 50mm lens. While walking around I found out that it’s also a small water park which opens in May. There’s also a bunch of decorations that don’t make sense like a cement circle walkway that resembles a crop-circle and in the middle of it all are rusted rods sticking out the ground. I can’t figure it out. Anyways, after staying there for about an hour or so, the park starts filling up with children and that was our cue to leave because people with cameras at a park full of kids are kind of frowned upon. We left to Moli’s house and I snapped some shots of the twins, then I went home and got a pic of my Mom and the backyard.