Jillians – Water Street – Fail

The reason for going to Jillians was to see the band, Water Street. Totally missed the performance because Jerry, Lucas? (Jerry’s co-worker), and I decided to get fuckkin twisted @ the bar, lol…

I mean we heard a couple of other bands, and the first two band we heard were cool, then we decided to grab some drinks, went back to the show, and found out we missed Water Street, and caught the last band, they hella sucked. So, yeah at bars in Las Vegas they now serve Absinthe, but very low quality version but it still gets the job done. It tastes like a cinnamon jager, with the after effects of poprocks in your mouth. It’s my new drink.

So yeah, here are some pictures of the weak ass last band, lol.



I'm In The Bay Area!!!

My bad for all yall calling… I couldn’t afford to pickup my phone while driving cause through mountains and fog and all that, I didn’t want to risk anything…

So yeah I’m in the Bay Area and I’ll be back in Las Vegas around Monday night-ish… The computer I’m on is my cousin’s. I’m on a 56k and for some reason it’s not that bad… Well, I can’t really watch movies but for surfing, in my head I thought it would take forever, but it’s okay…

This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.