HIIT Week 6 Wrap Up

Monday – Rest
Wednesday – Shoulders
Friday – Cardio (Punching Bag)

I need to step up my fucking game Monday with watching what I eat and doing extra exercises on non-hiit days.

Sorry, no pictures.

I Saw It.

I saw that New Moon with Bear, Mo, and Kafe at Green Valley Station. I honestly didn’t want to see any of the Twilight movies because I knew once I saw one of them, I would probably like it and get into it, and that’s exactly what happened after the movies.

I haven’t seen the first movie and now I’m making it a mission to see it.

-Spoiler Alerts-

Bella and Edward seem to be hella into each other. In the beginning Edward starts blabbing on to Bella with a bunch of pillow talk, obviously trying to get all up in her bomb ass sushi. Then out of nowhere he just leaves her. Nigga just up and left like a fart in the wind. Say’s it can never be and it’s for her protection. Bella then goes into a deep psycho depression.

Edwards a bitch by leaving. Jacob and Bella start doin the mess aroud. Jacob protects Bella, and even breaks ancient rules to be with Bella. Somewhere along the way Edward thinks Bella is dead because Jacob told a lie. Edward wants to off-himself and Bella rescues him. Then there’s a vision about Bella becoming a vampire, and then the Cullen family votes yes for Bella to become a gay day glowing vampire. In the end Jacob catches up with Bella and Edward, Jacob tells Bella to choose between him or the emo. Bella chooses the emo, and then the emo says the one way he’ll turn Bella into a vampire is if she marries him. Cliffhanger.

After seeing the movie I now understand what people are talking about, and now I’ve made my choice, and it is:

Team Jacob

What? Were you expecting me to pick the tall frail dead looking gay guy who wears womens jeans? Forget that. I don’t know what the hell Bella sees in him.

On another note, I threw up another MY 2 CENTS article. Go check it out! It’s called Aspect Ratio, click it at the top or CLICK HERE!

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Not Just Late.. But Hella Late..

As I said before there will be updates, and here they are..

The pictures in the gallery are of Kafe’s graduation, Moli and Josephine’s graduation.. And the last are of the damage in the house caused by the firefighters. Not my house but one of the houses from the hall. Click hurr to view the pictures!!!

Then two videos below of Moli and Josephine’s graduation..

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