Shit Wasn’t That Real

We received a letter from our ISP and a company representing the movie industry stating that someone had downloaded the movie Megamind. So after getting the letter it took me 2 days to find out who did it. I reported my findings to the “higher-ups” and they said they’ll deal with it.

During the investigation when I found the suspected laptop I needed to see if the machine name, IP address, and MAC address matched to seal the deal. The laptop was just sitting alone in a cubicle so I tried to stealth mission it. ¬†At first everything went fine, the name matched, the IP address matched, and while finding the MAC address that’s when things took a turn. I don’t really know how to maneuver around Windows 7 and found myself opening a lot of windows that led me to nowhere. When I was finally found the MAC address I heard a voice behind me say “Can I help you?”.

I answered back “If these numbers and letters match then I have some bad news”. They did and I let him know what I was doing. He was shaken up a bit (In my mind I was thinking how are you going to get fired over Megamind?! At least get fired cause you were looking at porn!). I left the room and informed my boss the identity of the illegal downloader.

The guy received a warning and I told him he’s not allowed to bring in a laptop and that nobody else can either from now on.

My Office.

This is just one picture and it’s a bit blurry but this is what my office looks like. There really isn’t a window to look outside BUT I can’t complain because not very many people can say they have their OWN OFFICE!!! Awesome.

Let me go ahead and break down what you’re seeing. On the desk is a desktop pc that’s being fixed, infront of the desk you’ll see a cluster f*ck of computers, they are broken but are used for parts. On the right of the pile are some printers I’m examining, and on top of the pile are one of those motivational posters it says.. “Success” – Success is a journey, not a destination. I want to change it out for something more awesome. Maybe for Courage Wolf? lol…

Well that’s about it. After I’m done cleaning and decorating my room I’ll take another picture maybe even take pictureS. Ha.. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.