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Hometown Celebrations

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I went to the Bay Area on March 20th with my parents and my cousins for two funerals, a death anniversary, and Wrestlemania. I stayed there for almost 2 weeks and returned home March 31st. We took two cars, the Green Goblin and the¬†Dodge Durango. My truck ran smooth during the entire trip. I only felt a little nervous¬†climbing the… Read more »

I'm Back.. Actually I've Been Back.. Yup.

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It was fun as hell seeing everythin in the Bay Area… Happy Belated Birfday Jeremiah… Well, Miah/Isaiah send the picture towards my way sometime soon… Ohh yeah and I also entered the fantasy football league with my family.. Hmm I need to get on that asap.. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LatEZ.

Happy Birthday Devin…

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Man, It’s so damn crazy!!! The family reunion is next week and I’m so damn hyped… I should be sleeping so that I can wake up in 3+ hours and call Sears and check on my employment. Man, Sears is killing me.. My pockets, checking account, and capital one credit card is hurtin… I can see nothing but fees in… Read more »