Security Gig

My very first security gig was on Friday, and let’s just say it was pretty interesting.

It was held at Mike Tyson’s former mansion and it was mostly a gathering for a bunch of online celebrities (vine, youtube, twitter, etc…). Well, in this event all the online celebs were being referred to as Influencers, sure whatever.

I wasn’t posted at the mansion but around the corner at a bar where the guests parked their cars to be shuttled off to the party. All I had to do was make sure whoever used the shuttle had an armband on, if not kick them off. A very easy gig.

I still find it weird to see someone you’ve only seen on TV/Internet, and then seeing them in real life. I think it has to do with the saying “camera adds 10 pounds” because when seeing that person in real life they’re always so much smaller. An example I have (and I wish I had a picture for it) was when there was a group of people waiting for the shuttle to arrive, I saw a kid standing off to the side wearing a purple and black suit with a pompadour hairstyle. In my head I was like “Damn, who is this kid? And where are his parents?”. The shuttle came, the group got on but the kid got left behind (no room in the van). The kid then threw a fit, called somebody at the party, and got a personal shuttle to show up. I was thinking “Damn that kid MUST be somebody”, and he was cause later I found out by the ladies checking-in people that that was Drake Bell.

You know what’s also weird? Seeing someone who has celebrity status getting put through normal people problems. Timothy DeLaGhetto and his friends (probably other online “influencers”) got stuck with me at the bar. They were done partying at the mansion and didn’t have a ride back to their hotel room. He called for a taxi but it was a 1 hour wait so he declined it thinking he’ll find a quicker way to catch a ride. Well, an hour and a half later he’s still at the bar with me. Tim and his friends were pretty cool, always crackin’ jokes. In the end they did call for a taxi and waited for it at McDonalds down the street.

Besides my family working security, I made some new friends with people who were working the event. I met an actual Las Vegas native girl (forgot her name but she checked people in) who was pretty cool. D-Rock (Darren, a shuttle driver) who is extremely into Burning Man and kept telling me to show up to that event with the promise of booze, a tent designated for orgies only, and putting together an “atomic bomb” made out of wood to burn up. Krista (Another shuttle driver) who kept telling me that she’s going to kill herself by jumping off the Hoover Dam cause I was guessed her age hella wrong by saying she’s looks 40ish. And Maddie (another check-in worker) who is this cool ass Canadian chick who I kept having to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius for her, at least she knew the imperial system.

I would’ve taken pictures of the event but the camera on my phone is broken. I’m bout to order me another phone soon. So if you want to see the pictures from the event go look up the hashtag TinHouse on twitter, you’ll see who was there and what the place looked like.