31 Years Old

Here’s a quick recap of what happened on my Birthday weekend.

Friday the 3rd went to a house party and it consisted of egg rolls, mixture of different alcohols, mocking friends in high ass voices, convincing people a shot of Jameson and pickle juice as a chaser is a real thing, pizza, PS4 party games, a record player & actual record albums, arguments over Dragonball Z & Tekken characters (I was listening, not participating), being surrounded by hella cam models (girls and a guy), and then ending the night with my friends making me a root beer float.

Saturday the 4th, I went to Mr. G’s Pub-N-Grub/Johnny Vegas Grill and got hella drunk. I wish I could tell you how the night went but really I don’t remember. Supposedly I got loud (I tend to do that), and started yelling at my friends and random people. One of the things I hate doing is give advice on life, and well I guess I gave out plenty. Anyways, I’m not going to get stupid drunk like that for awhile, not til next year anyways.

That’s pretty much how I spent my Birthday. Drinks and good company. Oh, and I took next week off to go to the Bay Area to play tourist. I’ll post again soon.

HBK – 24

I’m 24 years old.

I just realized I don’t like being odd numbers. When I was 23 that seemed harsh, 24 is cool. 25 seems hella old, while 26 I’d gladly welcome. Odd numbers make me feel older while even numbers are alright.

Anyways there was dinner at Uncle Rudy’s and he made these fat awesome mondo sized burgers, brawursts, and macaroni salad. Then to finish it off there was ice cream and Moli made cupcakes! It was awesome.

Also the Rodriguez’s have a pet! It’s a small little ass dog named Nacho. If you’re wondering how in the hell did Nacho get his name?! Well it came from the complete boredom of trying to find a name for the dog. All of the sudden Nacho Libre quotes was being thrown around and Nacho stuck! I believe it was Bear himself that gave the dog his name.

Dinner at Red Lobster tonight! Yeeeeeeeeeeee! Hahaha…