2013 Rugby 7s

I got good news and bad news.

First the good. I finally got the gallery up and running, and I also uploaded all the photos I took for the Rugby 7s here in Las Vegas.

You can view the Rugby album HERE.

The bad news is that when my gallery went down awhile ago, I was editing some stuff and killed off all the pictures. Seriously. The only album I have now is the Rugby 7s. I’ll be uploading everything else later.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Audio Found.

A quick rundown of what’s going on at Samoan-Ninja.com…

  • The gallery is up and all the pictures have been uploaded.
  • About Me has some new pictures (randomized)
  • Pages and posts have been updated
  • Old posts and pages can be rated, up to 5 stars
  • Comments can be thumbed up or down
  • A new (interactive) rating system for reviews

I found my old tape recorder that I used to play around with when I was a kid. I only recorded a small clip to the computer to share with you guys, on the clip it’s Shooter, J-Miah and Me as kids and being goofy.

Shooter – Asking for his jacket
Samoan-Ninja – Stalling to give Shooter his jacket
J-Miah – Singing wheels on the bus