Halloween Is Here.

So tomorrow is Halloween, I think I’m going to go out in my Sears uniform.. How awesomely lame is that?! I know.. Also, this friday I’ll be in the Bay Area. How badd ass is that? Can’t wait, to be there, and get my hands on some Nations..

So, I’ll leave you with some badd ass links to kill time because the next update is when I get back. Enjoy!!!

http://www.superdickery.com/dick/98.html – Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a bunch of Superman comic book cover/pages, that portray Superman as being a dick (being an asshole). It’s one of those things where you’re not seeing the “whole picture” but nonetheless it’s still funny.

Lefthandedtoons.com – Bunch of right handed people drawing lefthanded, this link will take you to a certain drawing on the site which I found to be badd ass but feel free to look around!!!

Craftster.org – A site where people can craft different stuff, pretty much a DIY site, but this guy was creative by making a Zombie Survival Kit.

Random Craigslist.org Post – A funny post about a girl looking for a sugar daddy and a clever resposnse, true? Who knows…

Another Random Craigslist.org Post
– Somebody trying to get rid of this beautiful car, and look at the mileages!

How To Make Pancakes Like A Crackhead – A funny and detailed site on how to make Pan CRACKS!!! I’ll try it out too..

Look-A-Likes – A article of people who look like video game characters, some characters I don’t know who they are talking about but the look-a-like is about the same.

There are more, but these are I feel that are worthy to post. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off.. LAtEZ.