Back On My Bullshit

Close to two weeks ago I took a trip to the Bay Area to see my cousin’s football game. Trips to San Francisco always end up being nice. I got to kick it with family, see the New Bay Bridge, and on the way back to Vegas we stopped at a farm and bought some delicious fruits and habanero pistachio nuts.

In about 20 days or so I’m going to be taking another trip and this time it’ll be to Texas. I’ll be trying my hand at farming on my Uncle’s ranch. I hear there’s going to be a lot of horse riding, and building/breaking down of fences. Real tough ranch hand work, and since my Uncle was in the Marines I know he’s NOT going to go easy on me.

Oh and before I can ride any of the horses I have to be under 300 pounds, and I’m currently clocking in at 357. I figured I have to lose about 3 pounds per day till I leave to barely qualify. So what’s the quickest way to lose weight in a very short amount of time? Fasting.

I’ll keep you guys updated as much as possible before I head out.

On That Juice Part 2

Today I’m 353.

I’ve decided to “cheat” either Saturday or Sunday.

On Saturday I ate at Sweet Tomatoes, it’s a soup and salad buffet. I’m getting better at watching what I’m eating, and haven’t “blacked” out on making decisions.

What I’ve been doing is juicing twice a day, morning and night, and in between I’ll usually have a fruit or two.

I’m thinking of getting a part-time job when I hit 330-ish. I’ll probably be around that weight in early/mid September. When I reach that goal everything in my closet should fit me. I have hella clothes that are still good but stopped wearing because they don’t fit. Also, when I’m more slimmed down to around 2x size I’ll be able to start shopping at thrift stores. Thrift stores are awesome.

Right now everything is good.

On That Juice Part 1

On Monday (July 30th) I began working out and an all out juice fast. I came in 375 and today I’m 360. Do I feel lighter? Not really. Better? Yeah, my energy has improved a little.

Today I decided to see how I would react to eating again and it went pretty bad.

We went to a Filipino store to go eat. It was me, Kafe, Moli, Bear, and Simmone. The place is pretty much like all islander stores with cans of pisupos and other islander stuff that’s not normally found in regular grocery stores like Albertsons. Anyways, on the side of the store they have their own kitchen and eating area.

While browsing the food that’s on display, I told myself “Remember you’re a vegetarian now, and to eat something “salady” and to drink water”. Well, that’s the last conscious moment I can recall because as soon as I opened my mouth, I reverted back to my old ways and I hella didn’t realize it, until I was sitting down with the food and drink in my face.

It was a 3 item combo plate that had rice, beef kabob, fried pork, and some deep fried eggplant, with a can of coke, and guava juice.

How was the food? It’s hard to describe. The food was good but really let’s just say that I don’t crave food like I regularly do. Yes, the old habits kicked in when ordering (in quantity and non-veggie) but upon eating it, it just wasn’t the same. It’s like when you want something, and when you finally get it, you don’t want it anymore. I have a new appreciation for food, and no more of an emotional one.

In the end I could only eat half of it, and right now I’m feeling sick because it was too greasy. I’m just not ready for solid foods, and so Monday its back to juicing and working out.

31 Days Project – Day 8, 9, & 10.

I don’t have that much to show but do have some news for you. Let me break it down for you, I broke my fast, and is immediately resuming it starting tomorrow plus I will be working out harder than ever and will be drinking both brewed green tea and water.

I got caught up playing Modern Warfare 2 at Bear’s house. I stayed up 24+ hours merc’in/merkin/murkin (you choose) niggas. I messed up by getting dropped off at the house, so I stayed over, if I had brought my car I could’ve left and went to bed on time, but oh well that’s what I get.. If you’re wondering what my name on Xbox Live is it’s TheSamoanNinja.

Anyways here are the pictures. It’s of Reno and RJ getting fitted for suits for Pastor Wilder’s funeral:

Oh and if you’re wondering why some of the beginning pictures have a blue tint it’s because I didn’t have the correct white balance selected. That’s it and that’s all.

31 Days Project – Day 7

Me on the computer
Me on the computer

I’m starting to feel better.
I get dizzy easy and I see spots almost every time I stand up.
The metallic taste is constant.
It’s been raining and very windy.
I wish it would hurry up and snow already.
I think I’ll hit the gym tomorrow to see how much I weigh.
I’m debating to go 40 days fasting, or break it at Christmas dinner (25 days).
I was almost electrocuted today.
Well, that’s all I got… LAtEZ.

31 Days Project – Day 5

If I don’t drink water then the temptations of eating food skyrockets to the breaking point. This morning when I woke up I wasn’t thirsty, so I decided to watch some TV. After watching a couple of shows I started to get hungry, and the hunger pangs jumped from mild almost to HUNGER GETS WHAT HUNGER WANTS! I then started thinking about warming up last nights dinner of rotisserie chicken, and eating it with those sweet Hawaiian bread rolls, then finishing it off with a cold glass of milk and some chewy chips ahoy. Then I remembered that we had combination pizza, actually we had 3 different styles of combination pizza. I was imagining I would start off with the rising crust pizza, then work my way to the thin crust, and finally finish off with eating the flatbread pizza.

In order for me to control these feelings I sat down and drank the entire 1 gallon water and was full. The hunger pangs died down and I was able to continue the day without any “interruptions”.

Oh and food dreams are becoming more ridiculous. I know I already wrote about me dreaming that I ate some food and waking up believing that I did but the intensity of it is climbing and it’s starting to become common that I dream those types of dream.

I have a little game for you guys. It involves one of the pizzas I was talking about earlier because that’s what my mom and dad decided to eat for dinner.

Everything you see here came out of the box, can you guess what's wrong here?
Can you guess what's wrong?

I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t even know how you can mess it up like this, but Digiorno pizza did screw it up, it’s still edible but it makes you wonder what went wrong in the factory. If you haven’t figured it out I’ll give ya another picture hint:

Here's a cloer look, do you see it now?
Here's a closer look, do you see it now?

If you haven’t gotten it by now there was an extra layer of cardboard. I’ll run through the layers for you starting at the bottom. It goes cardboard, crust, cardboard, sauce and toppings. Still don’t believe it? Here’s some pictures of the corrections being made.

Stripping the sauce/toppings off the cardboard layer.
Stripping the sauce/toppings off the cardboard layer.
Crust on the box still, and my mom peeling off the sauce/topping from the cardboard
Crust on the box still, and my mom peeling off the sauce/topping from the cardboard
Here is what it looked like assembled back together..
Here is what it looked like assembled back together..

When it came out it looked normal but how does a mess up like this pass inspection? Did anybody inspect it at all? My mom had me laughing because when she was blaming the store she bought it from.

Okay, and here are the rest of the pictures. I set it up like how I had it in the previous posts because for some reason they don’t allow you to do individual pictures and galleries in the same post so here is the pictures in their separate boarders.

I tried going to for up close Hulk eyes.
I tried going to for up close Hulk eyes.
Fish cakes in seimein
Fish cakes in top ramen
My mom making her seimein noodles.
My mom making her top ramen noodles.
My current weight as of this afternoon
My current weight as of this afternoon

Okay last thing before I go. I’m no longer going to post pictures on how much I weigh because I’m going to abandon my scale and use the scale at the gym, and I don’t want to take pictures inside a gym and get people all riled up. I’m deciding this because my scale at home is becoming hella inaccurate. That’s it and that’s all.

31 Days Project – Day 4

I’m starting to notice that in the morning I’ll have a very high amount of energy because I now can motivate myself with ease to go to the gym and do other things, but when the day starts winding down, I’ll have a very low amount of energy, and just start to become grouchy, and sometimes it’s accompanied by some stomach pains. I usually drink about 3 – 4 glasses of water and the pains will go away, but to keep the grouchiness in check, I just really have to watch my emotions.

I haven’t noticed any other changes.

Today I made a xbox live account and my gamertag is TheSamoanNinja, haha. So, I’ll be on Modern Warfare 2 pretty soon. Oh, and I jokingly came up with a clan name and it’s starting to stick, it’s called The UCEstapo. Get it?

I got two awesome articles in the works right now for My 2 Cents. I’m not going to say what they’re about but just keep checking back cause I know they’ll be an enjoyable read.

Here are your pictures for the 31 days project: