HBK – 24

I’m 24 years old.

I just realized I don’t like being odd numbers. When I was 23 that seemed harsh, 24 is cool. 25 seems hella old, while 26 I’d gladly welcome. Odd numbers make me feel older while even numbers are alright.

Anyways there was dinner at Uncle Rudy’s and he made these fat awesome mondo sized burgers, brawursts, and macaroni salad. Then to finish it off there was ice cream and Moli made cupcakes! It was awesome.

Also the Rodriguez’s have a pet! It’s a small little ass dog named Nacho. If you’re wondering how in the hell did Nacho get his name?! Well it came from the complete boredom of trying to find a name for the dog. All of the sudden Nacho Libre quotes was being thrown around and Nacho stuck! I believe it was Bear himself that gave the dog his name.

Dinner at Red Lobster tonight! Yeeeeeeeeeeee! Hahaha…

White Elephant?

When it comes to Christmas I really don’t like gift exchange games like Secret Santa. You pick someones name and then you give that person a gift you think they’ll like. I’m always in a continuous argument with myself of “Will that person like my gift?”, “If I give this gift, does it imply that I’m cheap?”, “Does this gift even matches the person I’m giving it to?”, “Is this gift even useful?”, etc.. In birthdays if you gave a gift and thought it didn’t hold up, it didn’t matter cause that person is still getting showered with other gifts. However in this gift giving, you only get one shot to “please”.

This year a new game was played called White Elephant, and I completely approve. There’s no stress in it because the present you give goes under the tree for anybody to choose or “steal”.

Here’s how the game works, everyone buys a gift (usually inexpensive) and it goes under the tree. Then you draw a number (usually from a hat), and the number decides the order that you go in.

The person who is first will select a gift to open and then show it off to everyone. Then the second person (and everyone after) can pick a new gift or they can “steal” a gift that somebody has opened. The person who has had their gift “stolen” gets another turn of opening a new gift or “stealing” someone else’s.

There is no “steal-backs” and an item can only be stolen up to 3 times then it’s determined “safe”. The game is over when everyone has a gift.

When it was my turn I was about to “steal” a chocolate fondue fountain, but I went with getting a gift from the tree. I ended up with house shoes, my mom got a foreman grill, and my dad got hella socks plus other items.

Overall it’s fun, anonymous, and random.

Well, I hope you had an awesome Christmas, cause I did!

Happy Birthday Devin…

Man, It’s so damn crazy!!! The family reunion is next week and I’m so damn hyped… I should be sleeping so that I can wake up in 3+ hours and call Sears and check on my employment. Man, Sears is killing me.. My pockets, checking account, and capital one credit card is hurtin… I can see nothing but fees in the near future, so I really need to hop on that thing they call a paper chase and get mines cause I’m really really hurtin myself.

I was talking to Isaiah earlier today and came up with the idea of listing my life experiences and everything in a RPG format, if you don’t get it you’ll see when I hook up the ‘About Me’ section… If you didn’t know my ‘Pictures’ section is back up too. The navigation is on the right, so yeah it’s not that hard to get around through my site.

It’s also the homie Devin’s birfday, and also the other homie Hoho is in town. I couldn’t been at the damn lake with them, chillin and shit but instead I was waiting on the damn Sears call… Damn you Sears, damn you. Well, hope yall had a great time down at Lake Mead and shit, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.