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HBK – 24

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I’m 24 years old. I just realized I don’t like being odd numbers. When I was 23 that seemed harsh, 24 is cool. 25 seems hella old, while 26 I’d gladly welcome. Odd numbers make me feel older while even numbers are alright. Anyways there was dinner at Uncle Rudy’s and he made these fat awesome mondo sized burgers, brawursts,… Read more »

White Elephant?

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When it comes to Christmas I really don’t like gift exchange games like Secret Santa. You pick someones name and then you give that person a gift you think they’ll like. I’m always in a continuous argument with myself of “Will that person like my gift?”, “If I give this gift, does it imply that I’m cheap?”, “Does this gift… Read more »

Happy Birthday Devin…

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Man, It’s so damn crazy!!! The family reunion is next week and I’m so damn hyped… I should be sleeping so that I can wake up in 3+ hours and call Sears and check on my employment. Man, Sears is killing me.. My pockets, checking account, and capital one credit card is hurtin… I can see nothing but fees in… Read more »