R.I.P. Vanna

Yesterday we had to put Vanna down. The decision was made because just her functioning as a normal dog seemed too painful for her. She was blind, she could barely stand up, and she started using the bathroom all over the place. It sucked.

I want to say more but it’s kind of hard searching for the words to say. I’m just going to leave it short and sweet, and say I miss my dog, and that we’ll meetup again someday.

Remember remember, the sixteenth of December.

On That Juice Part 2

Today I’m 353.

I’ve decided to “cheat” either Saturday or Sunday.

On Saturday I ate at Sweet Tomatoes, it’s a soup and salad buffet. I’m getting better at watching what I’m eating, and haven’t “blacked” out on making decisions.

What I’ve been doing is juicing twice a day, morning and night, and in between I’ll usually have a fruit or two.

I’m thinking of getting a part-time job when I hit 330-ish. I’ll probably be around that weight in early/mid September. When I reach that goal everything in my closet should fit me. I have hella clothes that are still good but stopped wearing because they don’t fit. Also, when I’m more slimmed down to around 2x size I’ll be able to start shopping at thrift stores. Thrift stores are awesome.

Right now everything is good.

On That Juice Part 1

On Monday (July 30th) I began working out and an all out juice fast. I came in 375 and today I’m 360. Do I feel lighter? Not really. Better? Yeah, my energy has improved a little.

Today I decided to see how I would react to eating again and it went pretty bad.

We went to a Filipino store to go eat. It was me, Kafe, Moli, Bear, and Simmone. The place is pretty much like all islander stores with cans of pisupos and other islander stuff that’s not normally found in regular grocery stores like Albertsons. Anyways, on the side of the store they have their own kitchen and eating area.

While browsing the food that’s on display, I told myself “Remember you’re a vegetarian now, and to eat something “salady” and to drink water”. Well, that’s the last conscious moment I can recall because as soon as I opened my mouth, I reverted back to my old ways and I hella didn’t realize it, until I was sitting down with the food and drink in my face.

It was a 3 item combo plate that had rice, beef kabob, fried pork, and some deep fried eggplant, with a can of coke, and guava juice.

How was the food? It’s hard to describe. The food was good but really let’s just say that I don’t crave food like I regularly do. Yes, the old habits kicked in when ordering (in quantity and non-veggie) but upon eating it, it just wasn’t the same. It’s like when you want something, and when you finally get it, you don’t want it anymore. I have a new appreciation for food, and no more of an emotional one.

In the end I could only eat half of it, and right now I’m feeling sick because it was too greasy. I’m just not ready for solid foods, and so Monday its back to juicing and working out.

RIP Grampa Falo (1923-2008)

I uploaded pictures of Reverend Faigata Falo Tiumalu’s Funeral last night into my gallery. I miight upload the videos I recorded onto YouTube but I don’t know if it’s against the rules to post funerals and or show deceased bodies. Anyways, if you want to add pictures to my gallery, just go ahead and send them to my email tharocksez@aol.com.

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle Obituary/SFGATE:
Reverend Faigata Falo Tiumalu
Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rev. Elder Faigata Falo Tiumalu Entered into rest on February 22, 2008 surrounded by his family.

Born in Fagatogo, American Samoa, the oldest of eight siblings.

He is survived by his spouse Latafale; his sons, Puni, Tauoa and Faigata (Orcutt); his daughters Violeta (Vaililo), Siva, Lelia and Leutu; his brothers, Fuata, I’amafana and Fuauli;.

Also survived by 35 loving grandchildren/great-grand-childen, and many step-children and step-grandchildren/great-grandchildren.

An innovator and pioneer of the Samoan Community.

His lifetime achievements will be presented during services held at the Samoan Congregational Church of Jesus, 606 Schwerin Street in Daly City, Saturday, March 8, Service, 4pm. Sunday, March 9 Service, 4pm, and Monday, March 10 service 11am.

Committal at Olivet Cemetery in Colma.