31 Years Old

Here’s a quick recap of what happened on my Birthday weekend.

Friday the 3rd went to a house party and it consisted of egg rolls, mixture of different alcohols, mocking friends in high ass voices, convincing people a shot of Jameson and pickle juice as a chaser is a real thing, pizza, PS4 party games, a record player & actual record albums, arguments over Dragonball Z & Tekken characters (I was listening, not participating), being surrounded by hella cam models (girls and a guy), and then ending the night with my friends making me a root beer float.

Saturday the 4th, I went to Mr. G’s Pub-N-Grub/Johnny Vegas Grill and got hella drunk. I wish I could tell you how the night went but really I don’t remember. Supposedly I got loud (I tend to do that), and started yelling at my friends and random people. One of the things I hate doing is give advice on life, and well I guess I gave out plenty. Anyways, I’m not going to get stupid drunk like that for awhile, not til next year anyways.

That’s pretty much how I spent my Birthday. Drinks and good company. Oh, and I took next week off to go to the Bay Area to play tourist. I’ll post again soon.


About 3 weeks ago at work, me and my co-workers got on the topic of drinking raw cow milk. I don’t know how exactly we got on that discussion but it ended with me being invited to a spot by a co-worker where we could consume some raw milk.

A couple of weeks later we were finally able to meet up on an early Sunday morning. We drove to a regular looking house in North Las Vegas. I mean, just from the front you wouldn’t be expecting it to house cows, goats, roosters, and chickens.

I parked my car across the street, and when we opened the wide swinging doors that leads to the backyard, that’s when it felt like I got transported into a 3rd world country. All the paths went from pavement to a soft dirt road. There was even a bull/cow horns stuck atop a wooden post with fresh blood dripping down the side. The air smelled exactly how a farm would smell. I loved every moment of it.

Towards the middle of the backyard there were a lot of shacks. In one of them there was a lady behind a counter, and in front of her were different flavored powders, and a tall bottle of clear hard alcohol. My co-worker gave her $8, and she gave us two cups. I scooped a lot of the chocolate powder, and poured about 3 shots worth in my cup, then it was onto the next shack where the cow was at.


There was already some people in front of us waiting for their cups to be filled and while watching the guy milk the cow I didn’t expect the milk to come out the udder so strong. I was also surprised that there wasn’t very many flies around. As soon as it was my turn, I handed the guy my cup, he filled it up, handed it back, and there I was looking at a nice warm thick creamy cup of chocolate milk infused with some hard alcohol.

IMG_20150816_082542The first cup and a half was from a cow, the second cup I got goat milk. I really couldn’t tell you the difference between the two milks because both times I added flavored powders to it but I can tell you both were really thicker than the store bought milk in the jugs. The only thing that kind of threw me off in the very beginning was that the milk was warm, I’ve always had cold milk so drinking it warm was kind of different.


I had 2 1/2 cups total and was hella buzzed before noon. It was hella delicious, and I’d do it again, hopefully some time very soon.

I'm Stoked…

Tonight, back to Chaparral High (Homecoming Football Game), meet up with this beautiful girl Carolyn and her friends. Ha, I’m going to try and say I’m a student and only pay $3 instead of the paying $5 for being an adult, lol. Afterwards we’re prolly gonna hit up the movies and whatnot.

My main computer is down. A minor but big ass problem. A minor problem because it’s just the hard drive. A big ass problem because I lost everything, my 3,000+ songs, 10,000+ pictures, movies, software, pretty much everything. I might be able to use my backup hard drive, I say might because, long story short, I used the back up drive as my uncle’s main drive, because my uncle’s main drive went out, then when I turned on my main computer, the main hard drive for it went out. I had already formatted my back up drive and started to load software to it. Damnit.

I’m also going to buy another camera The Sony DSC-W70 and buy this badd-ass 2GB Memory Stick and then somewhere along the line buy Another Freakin Battery. So it’s seems I am going to be spending about $400+ on this damn camera, but it’s okay because it seems like that’s how much my paycheck it going to be.

Remember that post about that one chick that sent me floating on cloud nine? Well, she sent me riding in the fast lane down the highway to hell. It’s a complex situation and not something you can guess correctly just by reading this paragraph. Actually I have nothing else to say about that one chick, she doesn’t exist and none of those what.cha.ma.call.its ever happened…

Ignore the last post, it’s something very stupid but the only things that holds entirely true is drinking with the family. Yes it’s true embarrassing/disrespectful acts may happen, and yes it very well can be because of being drunk, but its a situation that can be avoided and never experienced again, and that’s if I never ever drink with family members.

I had more to type but that’s about it for now, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.