31 Years Old

Here’s a quick recap of what happened on my Birthday weekend.

Friday the 3rd went to a house party and it consisted of egg rolls, mixture of different alcohols, mocking friends in high ass voices, convincing people a shot of Jameson and pickle juice as a chaser is a real thing, pizza, PS4 party games, a record player & actual record albums, arguments over Dragonball Z & Tekken characters (I was listening, not participating), being surrounded by hella cam models (girls and a guy), and then ending the night with my friends making me a root beer float.

Saturday the 4th, I went to Mr. G’s Pub-N-Grub/Johnny Vegas Grill and got hella drunk. I wish I could tell you how the night went but really I don’t remember. Supposedly I got loud (I tend to do that), and started yelling at my friends and random people. One of the things I hate doing is give advice on life, and well I guess I gave out plenty. Anyways, I’m not going to get stupid drunk like that for awhile, not til next year anyways.

That’s pretty much how I spent my Birthday. Drinks and good company. Oh, and I took next week off to go to the Bay Area to play tourist. I’ll post again soon.

First Friday.

So I guess every first Friday of the month there’s an art festival held near downtown Las Vegas. Tonight I went with Bear and some friends, it was cool, they had many live musicians and breakdancers, art galleries, and art merchandise for sale.

The sad part is I didn’t take pictures/movies. Infact, I left the camera at home, Damnit. It was pretty cool though, I mean all the houses that were displaying art, were set up like art galleries you see in the movies and that was cool.

Afterwards went into downtown, got margaritas in a football plastic mug, and tried to get drunk in some reggae spot. Failed, and went home. Before going home we (Bear and I) stopped at Dominos and ordered some food (and I filled out an application). The guy their said that somebody was leaving in 3 days so a position will open up soon.

Ohh yeah a good friend hit me up today, asked me if I was still on the job hunt, I said yeah, and he said he’ll put in a good word for me to a friend who is a cable installer. You know, the people who install tv/phone/internet cables into new homes and or upgrade existing lines. I also went to DMV and renewed my license, it was boring because I waited 3 hours… Boooo!

So, I guess I’ll be giving the cable installer people 3 days to hit me up and if no calls I’ll be turning in my application to become a full-time pizza delivery. LAtEZ.