Downtown Lens Test

Last night I went Downtown to the Griffin with Reno. He went for the dranks, and I went to test out my new Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Overall, I’m hella happy with the results.

As you can see the pictures are in or around the Griffin. I didn’t walk around Downtown and take pics… I still gotta work on that shyness. I mean it’s fun people watching but it’s very hard trying to capture those moments. Oh and before I go, doesn’t the bassist guy look likeĀ Frank Fritz from American Pickers? You decide! I’m out.


So I was walking downtown from the Plaza, all the way to the end to the Neonopolis. Anyways, I run into a Samoan guy and a white guy. Immediately the Samoan guy hugs me and starts talking Samoan, the white guy is just watching. I couldn’t understand, so he tried speaking English as well but with words he didn’t know he used Samoan words. He started asking questions of what’s my name, where I’m from, if I lived here in Las Vegas or visiting. I told him I was actually at the Plaza for a family thing and I was on my way to get my car and drop people off cause it was over. Anyways, he’s poor, a bum, as well as his friend too, cause he asked money for food and giving hand gestures of a putting a spoon in his mouth (the hungry hand-sign), and also the white guy said yeah “We’re both broke”. Gave the guys $5, and left.

Hours later I heard he came through the Plaza.. Did he see a money making opportunity when I told him about the “family thing”. I don’t know but family members did give him money, more money than I had. It was just the Samoan guy not the white guy this time. Seriously, one side of me feels bad and the other doesn’t. It’s my generous side that made me give him money because we have to help our own peoples, but my “other” side says, get a fucking job, stop making our people look bad. Oh well, I hope this doesn’t happen again, cause I hate running into poor Samoan people.

First Friday.

So I guess every first Friday of the month there’s an art festival held near downtown Las Vegas. Tonight I went with Bear and some friends, it was cool, they had many live musicians and breakdancers, art galleries, and art merchandise for sale.

The sad part is I didn’t take pictures/movies. Infact, I left the camera at home, Damnit. It was pretty cool though, I mean all the houses that were displaying art, were set up like art galleries you see in the movies and that was cool.

Afterwards went into downtown, got margaritas in a football plastic mug, and tried to get drunk in some reggae spot. Failed, and went home. Before going home we (Bear and I) stopped at Dominos and ordered some food (and I filled out an application). The guy their said that somebody was leaving in 3 days so a position will open up soon.

Ohh yeah a good friend hit me up today, asked me if I was still on the job hunt, I said yeah, and he said he’ll put in a good word for me to a friend who is a cable installer. You know, the people who install tv/phone/internet cables into new homes and or upgrade existing lines. I also went to DMV and renewed my license, it was boring because I waited 3 hours… Boooo!

So, I guess I’ll be giving the cable installer people 3 days to hit me up and if no calls I’ll be turning in my application to become a full-time pizza delivery. LAtEZ.

Jillians – Water Street – Fail

The reason for going to Jillians was to see the band, Water Street. Totally missed the performance because Jerry, Lucas? (Jerry’s co-worker), and I decided to get fuckkin twisted @ the bar, lol…

I mean we heard a couple of other bands, and the first two band we heard were cool, then we decided to grab some drinks, went back to the show, and found out we missed Water Street, and caught the last band, they hella sucked. So, yeah at bars in Las Vegas they now serve Absinthe, but very low quality version but it still gets the job done. It tastes like a cinnamon jager, with the after effects of poprocks in your mouth. It’s my new drink.

So yeah, here are some pictures of the weak ass last band, lol.