Back On My Bullshit

Close to two weeks ago I took a trip to the Bay Area to see my cousin’s football game. Trips to San Francisco always end up being nice. I got to kick it with family, see the New Bay Bridge, and on the way back to Vegas we stopped at a farm and bought some delicious fruits and habanero pistachio nuts.

In about 20 days or so I’m going to be taking another trip and this time it’ll be to Texas. I’ll be trying my hand at farming on my Uncle’s ranch. I hear there’s going to be a lot of horse riding, and building/breaking down of fences. Real tough ranch hand work, and since my Uncle was in the Marines I know he’s NOT going to go easy on me.

Oh and before I can ride any of the horses I have to be under 300 pounds, and I’m currently clocking in at 357. I figured I have to lose about 3 pounds per day till I leave to barely qualify. So what’s the quickest way to lose weight in a very short amount of time? Fasting.

I’ll keep you guys updated as much as possible before I head out.

I’mma Have Money To Blow.

As you can see I’ve been making a lot changes to my website. The search bar at the top is now a customized google search bar, there’s a donate button at the top right, I now have share buttons on pages and posts, there’s a new banner at the top, you now have to log into in order for your votes counted and some more hidden code was added to optimize my site.

Everything is coming together but I’m kind of nervous because if I need to update wordpress or the theme, all my settings might erase and if it does I’ll have to reconfigure everything again.

I think the next change I’ll do is have the banner at the top rotate each time the page is refreshed. I’m going to go and take more pictures for the banner, and more than likely each picture will have green in it. You know that’s how I roll.

Aside from the website updates, I pretty much got a new job working at Towbin Dodge. It was a shoo-in because, well you know. I’m thankful for it, and I’ll be working as a Key Tracker. Yup, I track all keys that go in and out of the dealership, I’m part security, so I’ll be wearing a security uniform, yup! Pay isn’t that good but as the titles says “I’mma Have Money To Blow”, so maybe I might get that xbox 360, or a new computer.

So, what has my diet been looking like? Well, I’ve normalized my weight back to 335LBS. I was close to breaking past the 3teens but since I broke my fast, I’ve been eating normal. So what’s going to be my routine? Well, I’m going back to the good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise routine. I’m going on a low-carb diet, and I’ll be doing cardio, and weightlifting. I’ve also got acouple of experimental workout routines in plan too (I’ll fill you in on those later).

Well that’s all I have to share for now. If what I said in some area didn’t make sense, well that’s because i didn’t go back and try to proof it. I just said it as how I typed it, and I know somewhere I messed up, but I’m hella tired. That’s it and that’s all, LAtEZ.

31 Days Project – Day 8, 9, & 10.

I don’t have that much to show but do have some news for you. Let me break it down for you, I broke my fast, and is immediately resuming it starting tomorrow plus I will be working out harder than ever and will be drinking both brewed green tea and water.

I got caught up playing Modern Warfare 2 at Bear’s house. I stayed up 24+ hours merc’in/merkin/murkin (you choose) niggas. I messed up by getting dropped off at the house, so I stayed over, if I had brought my car I could’ve left and went to bed on time, but oh well that’s what I get.. If you’re wondering what my name on Xbox Live is it’s TheSamoanNinja.

Anyways here are the pictures. It’s of Reno and RJ getting fitted for suits for Pastor Wilder’s funeral:

Oh and if you’re wondering why some of the beginning pictures have a blue tint it’s because I didn’t have the correct white balance selected. That’s it and that’s all.

31 Days Project – Day 2

Did anybody catch Glee?

-Spoiler Alert-

I was thinking that they would expose Terri’s fake pregnancy for the season finale or do it early/middle of season 2. Well, close enough, I mean the season is wrapping up in the next episode, and we’ll have to wait for rest of the dominoes to fall next season, such as the dilemma between Finn, Quinn, Puck, and the baby.

The confrontation scene between Will and Terri was moving. I was wondering  how Will would react and how emotional he would get when he found out this wife wasn’t pregnant, and when it happened last night, everything played out just right. So is this where everything starts to fall into it’s correct place? Are the mismatched couples soon to be corrected? If so, what other pitfalls can take place in the world of Glee because as I see it this is already dramatic enough, what else could top this storyline?

Well, enough about Glee.

I have another important announcement to make. I’m currently fasting. I decided that since I’ll be updating everyday that I might as well start fasting and start updating my health status everyday as well. I’ll be telling you how I’m feeling, my energy levels, and anything else that may occur during this fast.

I’m thinking I might end the fast when the 31 days project end, or I might extend it until I start feeling hungry again. I know the science behind fasting and losing weight, that’s why I’m doing it. Anyways, here are the pictures that I took.