Bay Area Food

I went up to the Bay Area this past weekend and I hella overate but it was still awesome and I had a great freakin’ time.

The first meal was at my favorite deli and that’s Camino Corner. It’s a spot I used to eat at all the time growing up in San Bruno and it was right around the corner from old apartment. I ordered a double mushroom burger and it was delicious as usual. They still on point with their food and service.

Later that day my Dad, Uncle Orcutt, Shooter, Uncle J, and I went to see my cousin play football against Wilcox High over in Santa Clara. He’s pretty good, but the team’s cheering section was, uhh, well they tried. After the game we were hungry and I ate at Bravo Pizza for the first time. It was just me, Shooter, and Uncle J. I have to say I really love their pizza crust. It’s not hard like rocks, it’s really chewy, and with good quality toppings of pepperoni, salami, onions, mushrooms, and sausage it was great.

The next night ate at a Lee’s Garden Buffet (Not pictured), it’s right next to Hilltop Mall. Not bad of a selection, but the service was really slow in getting the drinks refilled. Then later that night ate at Rolling Pin Donuts. It was awesome! If I had more cash on me I would’ve gotten hella donuts, other baked goods, and a cup of hot cappuccino. But since my funds were depleting at a very fast rate I settled for just two donuts.

Next day I had Darby Dan’s for lunch. At first I didn’t think I had ate there before but when I arrived it seemed really familiar. It felt like one of my Uncles might have taken me there a long time ago. The sandwiches were good, although I kind of wanted to get a crab & shrimp sandwich but they weren’t serving it at the time. I haven’t had dutch crunch bread in hella long, and well it kind of fucked up the top of my mouth kinda of like how Capn Crunch does, yeah it’s bout same thing.

That’s pretty much how I spent all my time in the Bay Area. Mostly eating. Hahaha.