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Alcatraz Trip

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February 18th thru the 22nd I took a late Birthday vacation to San Francisco. It’s been awhile since I flew in an airplane. I actually got lucky with both flights cause I got to sit next to window (No squishing anyone). Anyways, you’re probably thinking why I went to the Bay Area (cause I’m usually there a couple of times every… Read more »

HIIT Week 2 Wrap Up

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All I can say is there was a lot of distractions in our 2nd week. First off I had my birthday so you know Team HIIT ate hella good. Then there was the injuries of Lanu’s groin, and both mine and Bear’s biceps. Last but not least the damn Super Bowl party where we ate freakin’ pizza and other junk!… Read more »

You Can Add This To The List…

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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!… Second, I really I don’t have a REAL list but it’s one of the things to do in my life and that’s learn how to dance Lindy-Hop/West Coast Swing… Don’t know what I’m talkin about? The first clip is of a group of people (randomly put together) and improvising all their lindy-hop/west coast swing… Read more »