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Can You Say Winner?!

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Bingo winner of $250… (Before Neighbors) $100… (After neighbors) $50… (At the end of the niight) I’m so damn lucky! I’m going to save for the thursday and friday niight bingo!!! Also, when playing bingo and the number 40 is called you either say, and or semi-yell the number 40… It’s a thing some group brought and now it’s stuck…. Read more »

I'm Addicted To… BiNGO.

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>>>Click Hurr To View My 21st Birthday And Tiana’s Step Show<<< $20,000 bingo tomorrow night.. 40 games… Ohh wee!! My work shorted me money and I’ll be getting the rest next pay period, DAMNIT!!! But anyways team bingo tonite and I’ll be coming home with some money, LAtEZ. Also here are the clips of Tiana’s step show.. It takes awhile… Read more »