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Another Warehouse, Another Wedding

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I’ve only been at this warehouse job for about 3 months and honestly it feels like I’ve been there for 3 years. The job is very fast paced, and quite┬árepetitive. My job starts when the workers pull a tech order for me. I unbox the equipment, configure it, repackage it, and then ship it out. Rinse and repeat. I finally… Read more »

HIIT Week 5 Wrap Up

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Monday – Rest Wednesday – Biceps & Back Friday – Cardio (Punching Bag!) I’m hearing that Josh made a bet with Reno saying that Team HIIT can automatically win if the Samoan-Ninja returns to his high school weight before the reunion. I’m assuming Josh meant the lightest weight I was in high school, and that was 260 pounds. Well let’s… Read more »

HIIT Week 4 Wrap Up

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Monday – Rest Wednesday – Triceps & Chest Friday – Cardio.. SPRINTS! Monday was an extra rest day because working out our back from friday caused all of us to have extreme pain. The pain was so intense on sunday that no matter what sleeping position I tried to be in there was the feeling of pins and needles all… Read more »

HIIT Week 3 Wrap Up

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Monday – Leg Press Machine Wednesday – Military Press (Shoulders) Friday – Back & Cardio I worked out my legs hella hard. So hard I almost passed out completely! Yup, after my entire set I was really nauseous and all I can see was bright white lights. Somewhere around my last set I “blacked” out because Jerry said I lowered… Read more »

HIIT Week 2 Wrap Up

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All I can say is there was a lot of distractions in our 2nd week. First off I had my birthday so you know Team HIIT ate hella good. Then there was the injuries of Lanu’s groin, and both mine and Bear’s biceps. Last but not least the damn Super Bowl party where we ate freakin’ pizza and other junk!… Read more »

HIIT Week 1 Wrap Up

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Starting weight of Team HIIT: Jerry – 379 Tikeri – 351 (38% Body Fat) Lanu – 234 Workout: Monday – Legs Wednesday – Shoulders + Living Room Wrestling Friday – Cardio The first week went really well but there is still some tweaking to the HIIT program that needs to be done to maximize our fat loss efforts. Tomorrow we’re… Read more »