Alcatraz Trip

February 18th thru the 22nd I took a late Birthday vacation to San Francisco.

It’s been awhile since I flew in an airplane. I actually got lucky with both flights cause I got to sit next to window (No squishing anyone).

Anyways, you’re probably thinking why I went to the Bay Area (cause I’m usually there a couple of times every year). Well, it’s basically because I won’t be visiting San Francisco for a while. I’ve decided that from here on out I’m going to use my vacation to visit cities I’ve never been to. So before I stop going to The Bay, why not take one more trip to see Family and also visit Alcatraz.

The only downside of the trip was the weather. It rained hard and it caused us to cancel visiting a couple of spots but overall It was still a good trip.

I’ll post pictures later.

Here And There

March, April, and May I’ve been hella busy.

So busy that I haven’t had any time to update this website. Remember when I said I was going to start with the intention of living a healthy work/life balance? Well life problems kept knocking on my door and I had to handle those issues with doing a bunch of overtime at work. Oh well, them’s the breaks, time to bring you up to speed.

At the end of March & the beginning of April took a couple trips to Arizona to see RJ throw shotput and discus. The first trip we were rollin’ deep with hella family members, and the second trip we took my Auntie Nellie. Both were fun quick turnaround trips, but is was all just too short.

April 2nd, I bought my first car. It’s a used 2005 white Dodge Magnum… Then on April 29th my engine blew up and because of that unfortunate event I had to take out another loan (which put me new car territory debt), and work every Saturday in May… I didn’t get my car back till around May 16th, and it’s been running smooth since. On another note, I kind of named my car FN-2187 or Finn and been thinking about getting my license plate that says TikFury, it’s a serious idea too.

Also in the middle of April, I took a trip down to the Bay Area with my parents for my Auntie To’oa 1 year funeral anniversary. Usually when I go to the Bay Area I usually hang out with my cousins house out in Richmond, but this time I figured I better stick close to my parents and start going to the events I came down for. Overall it was a good memorial and seeing all the family I haven’t seen in a while was very welcoming.

Now that financially I’m in a good position, I can take some small breaks here and there. I mean making money is great BUT 50 hour work weeks to me aren’t. It’s a burnout to me but I had to do what I had to do to stay afloat on these bills. It also hella helps that I live with my parents. One day I’ll get my ass up out of here again.

Well, that pretty much wraps up what the hell I’ve been doing lately and for future plans I’m trying to take a vacation out of this country sometime this year, maybe even cross an item off my bucket list. Only time can tell.


Hometown Celebrations

I went to the Bay Area on March 20th with my parents and my cousins for two funerals, a death anniversary, and Wrestlemania. I stayed there for almost 2 weeks and returned home March 31st.

We took two cars, the Green Goblin and the Dodge Durango. My truck ran smooth during the entire trip. I only felt a little nervous climbing the hills of Tehachapi but after that I was pretty damn sure it would make it all the way. The trip took a little bit more than nine hours but just thankful to have made it without any problems.

The first funeral was my Aunty To’oa. My memory of her is when I was a kid, and was living back in the Bay Area, I remember going over my auntie’s house with my mom. They’d be gossiping for hours and the best part was my auntie would be baking a bunch of Samoan goodies. I’d be stuffing my face while they were talking away. Probably nobody else can bake as good as my auntie.

The death anniversary was my Uncle Huber. Last year I was in the funeral, I just didn’t post any updates about it. I remember Uncle Huber being really quiet. He was one of those men who didn’t say much, but when he spoke people listened.

The second funeral was my Uncle Eddie. I have a memory of him, my dad, and me standing in line at a Sizzler. I was a bit chubby and in middle school at that time. He gave me advice about my weight and going to high school. It was basically to start losing weight so when I get to high school I can can get out there and start chasing girls. I remember telling him “Nah, I’ll have a car to chase them with”.

My cousin Josh treated me and his brothers to Wrestlemania 31. It was freakin’ awesome. We missed out on the pre-show matches cause we decided to eat at McDonalds first, and also cause of the long walk from the golf course (designated parking lot) that is across the street from the stadium. I only have one bad thing to say about the experience and it’s about the seat size at Levi’s. I mean holy crap was the seats small, I sat down and my sides were being hella bunched up. The way me and my cousin made it work was that one person had to lean forward while the other leaned back. After the show I bought a hat as a souvenir and now I practically wear it almost everywhere I go (It’s my new favorite hat). Another minor thing to complain about was that I didn’t get to really explore the stadium and get some garlic fries but who cares, I was at freakin’ WRESTLEMANIA!

The drive home wasn’t that bad. I got lost somewhere near Buttonwillow cause the GPS didn’t update in time but instead of backtracking I decided to keep heading in the same direction and let the GPS reroute. I soon passed by some farms, and then nothing. After awhile I started passing by some mansions. I also noticed that the cars all around me were all the luxurious types. I couldn’t figure out why there were so many rich people in the middle of nowhere, and soon enough my question was answered as I passed by a Halliburton oil refinery. I stopped at Baker and ate at Burger King, and soon enough I made it home. Another smooth ride, and now I’m sure I can take my truck anywhere including the moon and back.

The entire trip was a sad, unique, and happy experience all rolled into one. Also, I might go back sometime for the 4th of July. We’ll see.

[Edited 4-22-2015: Added post title. I can’t believe I posted without a title. Didn’t know it was possible.]



Bay Area Food

I went up to the Bay Area this past weekend and I hella overate but it was still awesome and I had a great freakin’ time.

The first meal was at my favorite deli and that’s Camino Corner. It’s a spot I used to eat at all the time growing up in San Bruno and it was right around the corner from old apartment. I ordered a double mushroom burger and it was delicious as usual. They still on point with their food and service.

Later that day my Dad, Uncle Orcutt, Shooter, Uncle J, and I went to see my cousin play football against Wilcox High over in Santa Clara. He’s pretty good, but the team’s cheering section was, uhh, well they tried. After the game we were hungry and I ate at Bravo Pizza for the first time. It was just me, Shooter, and Uncle J. I have to say I really love their pizza crust. It’s not hard like rocks, it’s really chewy, and with good quality toppings of pepperoni, salami, onions, mushrooms, and sausage it was great.

The next night ate at a Lee’s Garden Buffet (Not pictured), it’s right next to Hilltop Mall. Not bad of a selection, but the service was really slow in getting the drinks refilled. Then later that night ate at Rolling Pin Donuts. It was awesome! If I had more cash on me I would’ve gotten hella donuts, other baked goods, and a cup of hot cappuccino. But since my funds were depleting at a very fast rate I settled for just two donuts.

Next day I had Darby Dan’s for lunch. At first I didn’t think I had ate there before but when I arrived it seemed really familiar. It felt like one of my Uncles might have taken me there a long time ago. The sandwiches were good, although I kind of wanted to get a crab & shrimp sandwich but they weren’t serving it at the time. I haven’t had dutch crunch bread in hella long, and well it kind of fucked up the top of my mouth kinda of like how Capn Crunch does, yeah it’s bout same thing.

That’s pretty much how I spent all my time in the Bay Area. Mostly eating. Hahaha.

New York Reppin’ Oakland

This is what happened in Occupy Oakland.

After seeing what Occupy Oakland went through, Occupy Wall Street reacted and hit the streets reppin’ Oakland.

I guess I’m starting to like New York after all. Oh and I’m seeing on twitter that there is a general strike to happen in Oakland next week Wednesday, this is going to be in the history books.



Whomp, Whomp, Whomp.

I know I’m kinda late BUT congratulations to the San Francisco Giants in winning the pennant. Torture has never felt so good! Hahaha… Anyways my prediction is Giants in 6, and as always we’re going in as the underdogs in this one. I don’t know why it’s hard for people to believe 😉

I was watching the MLB Network and Harold Reynolds says that this is going to be remembered as one of the biggest upsets in the MLB. I don’t believe in that all at because in my eyes the Giants was already the better team and the Phillies were the underdogs ;).. Okay, honestly I didn’t think it was that BAD, but after seeing how all of the media was rooting for the Phillies, maybe it was? Okay I got a new prediction, this loss will haunt the Phillies so bad that it’s going to put them in a slump for the next 2+ years, and then somebody else is going to point this out, call it a curse, and originate it back to when they lost to the Giants. Feel me?

Last thing, after the Giants had won I visited different news websites to read what they had to say about the game and eventually came across and saw a bunch of Giants fans trolling the comments, it was hilarious.


ESPN Giants VS Phillies Prediction.

Reppin' The Bay?!

You can now add Nelly to the list of rappers from other areas reppin’ The Bay Area.

Here are the links:

Not only did I NOT see this coming but he also mimics 3 different rappers style:
1st verse – Spice 1
2nd verse – Too $hort
3rd verse – E40