HIIT Week 2 Wrap Up

All I can say is there was a lot of distractions in our 2nd week. First off I had my birthday so you know Team HIIT ate hella good. Then there was the injuries of Lanu’s groin, and both mine and Bear’s biceps. Last but not least the damn Super Bowl party where we ate freakin’ pizza and other junk!

Monday – ABs
Wednesday – Bicep & Chest
Friday – Back and Cardio (Canceled due to injuries)

This entire week would’ve been a MAJOR loss if we didn’t workout. Our biggest problem was checking our diet but how can we when there was a birthday AND a super bowl to celebrate?! Yeah I know we had injuries too but we could’ve stopped more damage if we watched the food intake.

Richmond, if you stuck to your diet and exercise then you may have won this week. So like the saying goes “You may have won the battle but not the war!”

Monday is a NEW week.
This last week is now in the PAST.
We’ve learned from OUR mistakes.
Gentlemen, we can be REBUILT.
We have the TECHNOLOGY.
This is going to be a GOOD week!

HBK – 24

I’m 24 years old.

I just realized I don’t like being odd numbers. When I was 23 that seemed harsh, 24 is cool. 25 seems hella old, while 26 I’d gladly welcome. Odd numbers make me feel older while even numbers are alright.

Anyways there was dinner at Uncle Rudy’s and he made these fat awesome mondo sized burgers, brawursts, and macaroni salad. Then to finish it off there was ice cream and Moli made cupcakes! It was awesome.

Also the Rodriguez’s have a pet! It’s a small little ass dog named Nacho. If you’re wondering how in the hell did Nacho get his name?! Well it came from the complete boredom of trying to find a name for the dog. All of the sudden Nacho Libre quotes was being thrown around and Nacho stuck! I believe it was Bear himself that gave the dog his name.

Dinner at Red Lobster tonight! Yeeeeeeeeeeee! Hahaha…