The Avengers And San Gennaro

So it costed me $68 to see The Avengers. Last weekend I saw half of the movie and then there was a fight that broke out between my family and another family ($37 for 2 tickets, popcorn and soda). After the fight, missed the 2nd half of the movie but very thankful that no one got seriously injured.

This weekend I decided go to see The Avengers, in IMAX 3D ($18) and get some popcorn and soda ($13). It was an awesome movie and I highly recommend you see it too.

After the movie I hit up my friend Nancy and we went to the San Gennaro festival. I haven’t been to a carnival in a long ass time so it was awesome.

I think my new favorite game is shooting out the star with the bb gun. I was so close to winning a prize too, I had like a small red dot left from the star and he wouldn’t give it to me. Next time I think I got it.

I caught on to the guy’s trick in the bucket ball game. The objective is to throw the ball in a slanted bucket and if it stays in you win (Well, you have to keep 2 balls in to win a big prize). Anyway the trick he plays on you is that he first shows you how to play (throwing a ball in the bucket), and then says it’s easy and gives you a free throw. You throw it in and then the ball hits the ball that’s already in the bucket and stays. When you pay him to play for real, he removes all balls in the bucket, and then it’s time for you to lose because it’s going to keep hitting the back of the buckets causing your ball to bounce out. I caught on the first time he did it. I left as soon as I saw the trick done to other people.

I rode the Farris Wheel, ate some type of hot pocket deep fried pizza, drank some long island ice teas, and ended with dessert kabob. I haven’t seen Nancy in awhile and it was really cool to kick it with her. Anyways pictures are below.

Them 49ers

I want the 49ers to go to the Super Bowl and win it but how can I when our QB is Alex Smith. We’ve been to the Super Bowl five times and won them all. It wouldn’t sound right to add a loss to our Super Bowl appearances and it’ll stick out like a sore thumb especially among 49er fans. We’ll treat the loss like the scene in movie The Mighty Ducks where coach Bombay and coach Riley meet at the hockey rink, and they look over in disappointment at the 2nd place banner next to the 1st place banners, and coach Riley says the words “Oh boy, I wish they would take that one down”.

Click here to view the scene

Honestly I’d rather have them lose now, get another quarterback, and come back with an offense we can depend on. If our Super Bowl record was like The Steelers of going eight times, winning six and losing two, ┬áthen winning and losing wouldn’t be too big of a deal (Although winning is still nice), but we’re undefeated in the Super Bowl. Feel me?

Akers' pinky toe > Smith's arm




 This year I will try to step up my blogging, photography, and health.