A Super Soothing Formula…

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I ain’t feelin my toothache cause when you mix Motrin + Orajel + Painkillers.. Everything goes away, even the regular feelings inside my mouth.. So yeah I have to go see the dentist soon and whatever he says I’ll report it here…

Since about 2 days ago, I’ve been picking apart my sound system from Bear’s car… Then, all of a sudden I had a “great” idea.. Why not just buy Bear’s car? Remember the Red Dragon? Well, if you don’t here’s a little reminder of what it looks like…


Hmmmm… I’m hella thinkin about buy The Red Dragon… The only problem with it is that the transmission slips and tis be it.. Ohh yeah and I was going through the other picture posts from my other website and came across when my hair hella grew out like this!!!


Then switched it up and hit up that black barbershop I found near Eastern and something.. Damn forgot the other cross-street…


Hahaha, then remember when I ate that hella old ass candy that I found in my truck? It was a hella different candy all formed into on big ass freakish piece.. Yeah I think we all remember this…


Yup we all remember that… Well enough of bringin back the memories.. Gotta go to sleep, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off.. LAtEZ.

It's A Town Full Of Losers, And I'm Pullin Out Of Here For The Win…

I’m gonna break down this update to make it fast and easy. I was going to make a big visual update but the damn desktop computer is shot and i don’t feel like playing the guessing game to fix it. Also I don’t like using the laptop to do graphic arts and or anything else that will require a lot of disk space/processor usage.

List Of Whatevers:
1. There was a fight at Sam’s Town… It was the Samoans VS the Blacks VS the Blacks..
2. Computer is shot but the data is still usable
3. Last night Di and I caught a mouse, now the mouse’s family wants revenge
4. I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween… Reno wants to pull off being Kingpin
5. A lot of people have left and or is leaving my job
6. At my job I broke off the side mirror of a 2006 Dodge Charger by hitting a pole
7. Met up with Sandra & Desire and we went to a baddass bar (It’s my own Pounders)
8. Aunty Nellie is in the hospital, as I hear it, everything is going good
9. I don’t know where my “social/’dating'” life is going
10. I’m sticking to the script I made out for my life while I was in highschool, I just lost track of following it (again).

That’s about it for now… I have about 80+ pics on my camera I need to unload to the laptop but then I don’t want to, lol… This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

That's The Bidness…

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Long story short because I don’t think I mentioned it on my site… My phone broke this past weekend, thanks to this one girl whos identity will remain hidden ;). So I bought a new cellphone, it’s a Samsung A-900 (Motorola Razr Clone), and it’s freakin baddass.

and I got a new camera (Sony DSC-W50). I haven’t been really updating any pictures on here lately and that’s all because of my dumbass accidently dropping the camera during the Tauoa reunion. Well, I have a new one, plus I bought a 4-year warranty for it.

Well, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

I'm Stoked…

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Tonight, back to Chaparral High (Homecoming Football Game), meet up with this beautiful girl Carolyn and her friends. Ha, I’m going to try and say I’m a student and only pay $3 instead of the paying $5 for being an adult, lol. Afterwards we’re prolly gonna hit up the movies and whatnot.

My main computer is down. A minor but big ass problem. A minor problem because it’s just the hard drive. A big ass problem because I lost everything, my 3,000+ songs, 10,000+ pictures, movies, software, pretty much everything. I might be able to use my backup hard drive, I say might because, long story short, I used the back up drive as my uncle’s main drive, because my uncle’s main drive went out, then when I turned on my main computer, the main hard drive for it went out. I had already formatted my back up drive and started to load software to it. Damnit.

I’m also going to buy another camera The Sony DSC-W70 and buy this badd-ass 2GB Memory Stick and then somewhere along the line buy Another Freakin Battery. So it’s seems I am going to be spending about $400+ on this damn camera, but it’s okay because it seems like that’s how much my paycheck it going to be.

Remember that post about that one chick that sent me floating on cloud nine? Well, she sent me riding in the fast lane down the highway to hell. It’s a complex situation and not something you can guess correctly just by reading this paragraph. Actually I have nothing else to say about that one chick, she doesn’t exist and none of those what.cha.ma.call.its ever happened…

Ignore the last post, it’s something very stupid but the only things that holds entirely true is drinking with the family. Yes it’s true embarrassing/disrespectful acts may happen, and yes it very well can be because of being drunk, but its a situation that can be avoided and never experienced again, and that’s if I never ever drink with family members.

I had more to type but that’s about it for now, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

My Right Hand Man…

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If you didn’t know I now own a laptop. I got it from my dad’s work because they were giving out laptops that were out-of-warranty. It’s not bad, I’ve been using it a lot lately and the only problem I’ve come across (not really) is that I can’t play my games like half-life and other 3d card required games. I’m working on a way to make that happen because I use my laptop to play songs/movies from my desktop computer, why not games, right?

My work is scaring me. I don’t know if I’ll have this job any longer, if I don’t then I’ll be pushing boxes at UPS (hopefully). The fact of the matter is that Sears is hiring more people, and it’s coming up on winter time (the time where it’s the slowest). So I don’t know, I’m kind of worried but not really. We’ll see.

I still don’t know what i am going to be for Halloween. Hmmm, any ideas guys? Also if you look around you can see I’m working on my website… I haven’t really added anything but just placeholders, hopefully I’ll get around to them quick before another some odd months pass by and the links are still blank, hahaha.

This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

Enough With The Raps, Bring The Hook Right Back, Thizz Face On Why You Look Like That?!

I’ve so far put in about 100+ hours at my work.
Then add my commsion.
This paycheck should be beaucoup.
Today is my friday.
I met two girls at this party last weekend
One from Texas and the other from Alaska.
They both go to UNLV.
They live in the dorms and said it’ll be cool if I stop by.
A mini Chap reunion took place at a beer-pong tournament last night.
Marina tried to ditch me at that party.
But the posse she was rollin with wasn’t allowin it.
We all rolled to Dev4n’s house and played monopoly.
Now I’m home going to sleep for work.
This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.