Happy Birthday Devin…

Man, It’s so damn crazy!!! The family reunion is next week and I’m so damn hyped… I should be sleeping so that I can wake up in 3+ hours and call Sears and check on my employment. Man, Sears is killing me.. My pockets, checking account, and capital one credit card is hurtin… I can see nothing but fees in the near future, so I really need to hop on that thing they call a paper chase and get mines cause I’m really really hurtin myself.

I was talking to Isaiah earlier today and came up with the idea of listing my life experiences and everything in a RPG format, if you don’t get it you’ll see when I hook up the ‘About Me’ section… If you didn’t know my ‘Pictures’ section is back up too. The navigation is on the right, so yeah it’s not that hard to get around through my site.

It’s also the homie Devin’s birfday, and also the other homie Hoho is in town. I couldn’t been at the damn lake with them, chillin and shit but instead I was waiting on the damn Sears call… Damn you Sears, damn you. Well, hope yall had a great time down at Lake Mead and shit, this is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

The Blue-Collar World…

I got the job working for Sears Automotive, baddass!! I am a Service Technician I. My job is to change batteries, tires, and oil. It’s all grunt work and my pay isn’t that bad, plus I get commission for each car that I service. I’ll be contacted within a week because right now they’re doing a background check on me (cause I’ll be going through people’s cars). I had to piss in a cup again, but this time I dropped my cup in the toilet by accident and yelled “f*ck”, I heard the nurse on the other side of the door give a little laugh… Hahaha

On The Prowl, Like A Tiger, Ready To Pounce…

I think UPS is really a no go… So I’ve deicded to try and go for Sears: Battery/Tire Service. I have an interview tomorrow around noon-ish, hopefully by me getting this job it doesn’t interfere with the whole reunion plans, damnit that would suck if it did. Hopefully this job pays well, and it’s part-time, I also hope something great comes out of this, it’s no PC Tech job but it’s something I’ve also had an interest for… Cars.

This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

Online Like 'Byaaah'

Welcome to Samoan-Ninja version 5. As my cousin Miah said on a comment (from a post I accidently deleted), he said that my site was vanilla… Meaning too plain. Yeah it is. I’ll be picking at it here and there, but for the most part I’m happy that I got this damn blog system up… It wasn’t hard to setup it’s just that when I imported my archives, the posts were sometimes entered twice/three times, so it took me awhile to delete everything.

I can see the potential with this “web 2.0/samoan ninja version 5”, but I left my heart in samoan-ninja version 4.2… It’s true.

This is the Samoan-Ninaj signing off… LAtEZ.