So how did 2016 go for me? Well it went pretty good.

I mean I got a new car, went hiking with friends, traveled a lot, had a family reunion, bought a new command center (computer) and was in another wedding. Overall like I said before it was pretty good.

So what’s in store for 2017? Well here’s a list:

  • Post more content on Samoan-Ninja.com & Youtube as well as other social media
  • Tackle more things from my bucket list
  • Take more pictures and videos using a handheld camera rather than my phone camera
  • Get my passport
  • Travel around more
  • Lose weight

What I want the most out of this list is to travel. Meaning, I want to use my 2 weeks (paid) vacation, and dip into non paid vacation days. I’ll have to tighten up my budgeting, but once I pay off 2 of my most expensive loans, everything will fall into place.

We’ll see how 2017 treats me.

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