Another Warehouse, Another Wedding

I’ve only been at this warehouse job for about 3 months and honestly it feels like I’ve been there for 3 years.

The job is very fast paced, and quite repetitive.

My job starts when the workers pull a tech order for me. I unbox the equipment, configure it, repackage it, and then ship it out. Rinse and repeat.

I finally just got my contractor shirt too AND they special ordered the size for me. I got it 4X Tall. Now I don’t have to wear a shirt that’s hella extra wide on me with barely enough length to tuck in.

I like the job. It’s different but still computer related. Also climbing up the career ladder is tough because everyone at the place stays there for a long time and you can only move up when there is room. I think I’m going to be a contractor for a while.

At the end of the month Jerry is getting married, and I’m going to be in the wedding. I don’t know any of the plans like who is doing the bachelor party, and who is doing the speech (rumor has it, I’m supposed to). Yeah, I better go sit down and talk with that guy sometime this week. Also start budgeting some money aside cause cash will be spent in the upcoming weeks.

This was just a small quick update. I was trying to post earlier in the week but my website got infected with malware and I had to clean out the files myself. I have other stories to post too of stuff I’ve done like taking a trip to Phoenix to watch the Giants play the Diamondbacks… I’ll post again soon.

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