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In the beginning of December, I started on my second security gig. Last time I got to see a bunch of internet celebrities, this time I actually saw some movie celebrities. It was an easy job, all I had to do was watch over the production equipment and the wardrobe trailers.

The movie is an independent film called Frank And Lola. I got to see Michael Shannon, and Imogen Poots. I stood about 5 feet away from them, and really wanted to say something but didn’t. I mean, what do you say as an icebreaker to a celebrity? It also didn’t help I was working as security. I didn’t want bother them and break the “professionalism”.

Anyways, nothing got stolen, I got paid, and the gig ended. I’m waiting until mid January for the next gig with Warner Bros., and Nicolas Cage. (Fingers crossed)

On December 12th/13th, I was in San Diego having a mini family reunion (Early Christmas edition!) on my mom’s side. It was really nice seeing everyone. It just sucked that I only stayed for less than a day.

Christmas. Everybody got what they wanted, and I got me a squat rack.

I think my Dad is the only person who doesn’t like it. His argument was that I could’ve saved the money by going to the gym. Yes, it’s true I could’ve BUT my schedule (previous and upcoming) isn’t going to allow me to go to the gym in it’s off-peak hours. I hate waiting around for the equipment to be free AND during peak hours it turns into a club like atmosphere (I find it ridiculous). So in the end I said “screw it” and bought the rack. Now I can lift whenever I want. I’m happy.

New Years happened. Which was a little random because I met up with my best friend Walter. We ended up with meeting more friends at a ghetto ass house party. How ghetto? Well the new year countdown ended with guns being popped off throughout the neighborhood. Yeah, THAT happened.

After that we took off for McFadden’s and then I called it a night. On the way home stopped at Robertos and now I’m typing this up. There’s more to be said but I keep getting sidetracked with random internet stuff, and it doesn’t help I’m hella tired.

Everyone have a happy new year!


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