Back Again, From San Diego.

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I came back from San Diego with my Dad last Tuesday, and headed back on Friday, then came home with everyone (except auntie Jessie) on Sunday.

It seems the quick trip back home was to pay some bills, water the plants, and so my Dad can join in live for his fantasy football draft with his co-workers.

I’m tired of short stay travels and I have a new rule while long distance driving. If I can’t listen to what I want to listen to on the radio, then I’m not getting behind the wheel. It doesn’t mean I’ll be driving and listening to only uncensored rap songs in the car with my parents, it just means if I want to listen to 90’s, 2k pop, or whatever that’s what I’m going to do, and if I can’t well someone else is driving.

Last but not least Alzheimer’s disease is pretty scary. Hearing about it one thing but seeing someone with it is heart breaking. I’ll probably write more about it later, right now I’m too tired and about to catch up on some much needed rest.



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