Who Dat? We Dat!

This was one amazing game. At the end when Vernon Davis made that catch everyone was jumping up and down in the living room, we were all giving each other high-fives, it was fucking magical. I think I was crying a little bit too.

The three videos below is of The Catch 3, two have audio dubbed over from the KNBR feed and one is a reaction video. I really love the last video because it gets super awkward while The Saints fans stand there stunned while the 49er fan goes crazy. Also in the reaction video around the 17 second mark, The 49er fan tries to give a high five but The Saints fan leaves him hanging, lol.

Oh and I said this on Twitter so I’ll say it here too, I’m not going to say anything bad about Alex Smith again. Next week’s game against The Giants, I’ll be at a bar watching the game and getting drunk. Later.