The 49ers VS The Saints

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This weekend I had my sights on going to a 49er bar but that plan got changed, and now I’ll be at home watching the game while BBQ’in some ribs! Hell yeah.

I also made a decision that I’m all in for the 49ers to take it THIS year. I was a bit skeptical (mainly because of you know who), but after thinking about our freakin’ sick-nasty defense and Harbaugh with his creative plays, we’re all good. When we beat the Saints this weekend then ESPN and all the other sports news outlets will have no choice to but talk about us.

2 thoughts on “The 49ers VS The Saints

  1. Samoan-Ninja Post author

    Yeah I fcked up on his predictions. Im going to make changes to the post later cause my pc is down and i dont feel like editing it on my cellphone.

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