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Who Dat? We Dat!

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This was one amazing game. At the end when Vernon Davis made that catch everyone was jumping up and down in the living room, we were all giving each other high-fives, it was fucking magical. I think I was crying a little bit too. The three videos below is of The Catch 3, two have audio dubbed over from the… Read more »

The 49ers VS The Saints

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  This weekend I had my sights on going to a 49er bar but that plan got changed, and now I’ll be at home watching the game while BBQ’in some ribs! Hell yeah. I also made a decision that I’m all in for the 49ers to take it THIS year. I was a bit skeptical (mainly because of you know… Read more »


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I’m currently reorganizing a lot of things in my life right now. No, I’m not taking a break from anything but just letting you know what I’m up to. I’m also trying to repair my truck, upgrade my PC, and purchase another lens for my Canon Rebel. I think I’ll knock out the upgrade and get my new lens by… Read more »