I’m going to try to watch more movies in the theaters this year. Here are a list of movies I’d like to see:

  1. Battle: Los Angeles
  2. Cars 2
  3. Kung Fu Panda 2
  4. Sucker Punch
  5. Super 8
  6. Cowboys and Aliens

I just searched in google “movies coming out in 2011” and pretty much chose the interesting films. I think I’ll be spending around $200 total (That’s if I see 6 movies), It’ll be about $11 per ticket, and each visit I think I’ll be getting some theater food which will probably cost me $20 (remember theater food is expensive!).

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  1. Some pro-tips from a guy who sees 6 movies in a theater by May:

    Costco sells movie passes that are good for every movie at any time (there’s a fee for 3D movies though). 2 for 15.50 for Century theaters. If you’re not making matinees that’s a cheaper alternative.

    Also, invest in a jacket with hella pockets to sneak in food from a dollar store. And a satchel to sneak in food during the summer. Unless you’re talking about nachos and hot dogs. In that case, don’t do it. You shouldn’t be eating foods with sauces in the dark, unless you bring a bib.

    Or do what I do most of the time., and just don’t eat at the theater.

    P.S. The Super 8 trailer pissed me off. I felt like booing after I saw it. I’m interested in everything else on your list though. And I’ll probably still see Super 8 too.

  2. No Costco membership, I should become a member because that deal is hella good. It’s a buy one ticket, get the another half off. I’ll think about it or else it’s matinees all the way!

    Remember my friend Sean? At Tanforan we used to sneak food in from the food court into the movie theaters. I remember we made hella noise just trying to unwrap our burgers, hahaha. I’m thinking of eating before I go to the movies, some Costco hotdogs sound hella good right now!

    I’m just seeing the Super 8 because it was on the list. I saw the trailer and thought it was hella weak.

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