Why Did We Lose?

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Jonathan Sanchez


Pat Burrell

Jonathan Sanchez is a hit or miss and tonight was a miss. Sanchez gave Texas a homerun with 2 on base, and a solo homerun. Pat Burrell is supposed to be a power hitter but hasn’t showed it at all in the post-season, actually he’s been striking out, a lot! I think he could’ve been a key player in getting us tied in the game, how? He at least could’ve gotten a base hit and then Cody to hit the homerun, and then when starting the 9th being the power hitter he supposedly is HIT A HOMERUN!.. Too much to ask? Probably but Burrell needs a rest, and if it does come down to game 7 we need to find someone else other than Jonathan Sanchez.

I think there will be 2 1/2 likely scenarios to play out:

*Pat Burrell is out, and Aaron Rowand is in (all scenarios)

1. Bumgarner is better than Sanchez. So I think Bumgarner will win and game 5 the pitching rotation resets so Lincecum plays and win. Giants win the World Series in 5.

2. Bumgarner is young, and will cost us. Lincecum will win, the game goes back to San Francisco and Cain will end it. The Giants win the World Series in 6.

3. Bumgarner loses, Lincecum loses, Cain will win, and we’ll see how the Giants will torture us in Game 7. I don’t know if we’ll win or lose.

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